Thursday, December 21, 2017

No "Bah - hum bug" here, just humming factories!

Factories Hum from Detroit to Dortmund as World Economy Perks Up (IndustryWeek news headline from today)

"...Global manufacturing indexes have forged ahead to multiyear highs, in concert with improving economies rich with the tinder of easy monetary policy. In the U.S., a resurgence in corporate investment is driving equipment orders. Germany, where business sentiment is near a record, is helping engineer a pickup in Europe’s economy...." (excerpts from recent IndustryWeek news story:  )

Manufacturing is revving up around the world right now, and as this story indicates, it's going to get more competitive for those who don't stay ahead...

"...In the U.S., there’s been a notable acceleration in orders and shipments of capital goods. Investment in equipment and software increased at a 10.4% annualized pace in the third quarter, the fastest in three years, according to the government’s calculation of gross domestic product.

Monthly figures show the strength is carrying into the fourth quarter..."

Companies that recognize the future potential are planning to realize their potential by improving productivity with new manufacturing equipment. If you're not planning for new business, you may be on the cusp of losing some business to those around you that are investing in new methods.

This is true of the mattress industry right now. A recent BedTimes magazine article had this to say about the current mattress manufacturing climate:

"...There is broad agreement that the industry is in a period of transformation, driven largely by changing consumer shopping habits and new online players that blur the line between manufacturer and retailer. But other factors, including the growing spending power of millennials, are driving change, too. It is, many say, a challenging but exciting time..." (excerpt from BedTimes article:

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