Thursday, August 4, 2016

Tesla: Free of Factory Hell

Musk Declares Tesla Free of Factory Hell With Targets Intact

  • CEO says he’s ‘no longer losing sleep’ over production issues
"...The chief executive officer said on Wednesday that Tesla “just managed to climb out of hell” in June and that now the “production line is humming.” That’s a big change for Musk, who said just three months ago that he was sleeping by the assembly line to fix factory problems..."(excerpt from, read full story here: )

That's how Tesla CEO and manufacturing poster-child, Elon Musk described his factory situation.

How would you describe your own factory? Skeptics may view these comments from Musk as investor-friendly patter, but some mattress manufacturers may find themselves in similar conditions. Musk described his factory issues as they relate to production concerns for 2017 and 2018 targets, but you may have more urgent production problems.

Fortunately, you have a single source that can assist in every area of a mattress factory: Global Systems Group. Whether you need a single machine upgrade or full factory development, GSG has the resources to make your mattress factory production more devine!

Whether you need a flanger fix, or...

... full production automation, GSG can help.

Elon Musk has a announced a plan to succeed with improved production plans in his factory. Contact GSG and let us help you develop a plan for your mattress factory.

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