Thursday, June 23, 2016

How does the Gribetz V16 compare with this new acceleration record-breaking car?

Swiss engineering students from ETH Zurich (ETZ) have developed a car that recently set a new electric car acceleration record, going from 0 to 100kph (62mph) in  - don't blink - 1.513 seconds! Wow.

Land speed record

How can it do this so fast, you ask?
"...ETZ said the four-wheel drive system used by the grimsel was key to its swift acceleration. A powerful motor is mounted on each wheel and the car has a sophisticated traction control system that adjusts the performance of each one to maximise torque..."- excerpt from article (read full story at
In other words, they eliminated any waste in the torque-producing power at each wheel.

Hmmm... that reminds of another innovative speed-record machine, the Gribetz® V16 mattress quilter. Gribetz engineers designed a more lean machine unlike any other in the world and it can operate at 1600rpm on Tack & Jump® or continuous patterns. Like the Swiss race car in this story, the V16 runs with optimized torque using direct-drive technology instead of traditional chain-driven indirect power.

See the V16 sewing in comparison to a traditional 900rpm machine in the video below:

Gribetz V16 mattress quilter running at 1600 RPM compared to a 900 RPM quilter.

See the full video of the V16 at the GSG website and learn of the amazing productivity gains you can enjoy quilting at 1600rpm.

Gribetz V16 quilting machine

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

CORRECTION: Robots are not threatening manufacturing industries - Chinese subsidies are!

Recent headlines made dramatic claims that the inevitable robot conquest of the world had begun when Foxconn, the enormous Chinese electronics manufacturer, installed 60,000 robots. Followup stories like this one from Bloomberg news ultimately clarified that the robots had not displaced any manufacturing jobs at Foxconn, and the news frenzy only highlighted a bigger problem with Chinese manufacturers. It's a problem all too common with many Chinese manufacturing sectors: government subsidies, designed to grow an industry, frequently spawn poorly made products by fleeting get-rich-quick business owners.

"...Inevitably, that kind of loose money attracts the wrong kinds of people. According to the Economic Observer, an independent newspaper, scams to snag subsidies are proliferating. Many companies with little or no experience in robotics are receiving huge handouts that appear to accomplish little more than pad their bottom lines. One firm in Nanjing said that robot subsidies accounted for 65 percent of its net profit in 2015.

And yet all this isn't doing much to boost China's homegrown robotics industry. Eighty-five percent of the robots sold in China are foreign-made, while those produced domestically are largely reliant on foreign components. China is especially far behind in producing the low-cost robots that would help smaller manufacturers struggling with rising labor costs. As the Economic Observer put it: "Most companies that include 'robot' in their name have virtually no sales at all."..."  excerpt from Bloomberg View news story ( read full story here:
The notion that robots may replace manufacturing jobs is not the real problem here. 
The greater concern is that flimsy Chinese robotics companies are popping up to claim a share of the government subsidies without solid knowledge of the technology or industries they serve. Manufacturers like you with legitimate interests in deploying robot-assisted manufacturing beware: the sudden robot bubble in China may burst when subsidies are removed from the equation, leaving you with a poor piece of equipment with no hope for service or future development.

If you have a real interest in utilizing robotics in your mattress manufacturing process, contact GSG first. We have been developing practical robotics solutions for mattress producers for nearly a decade. Take a look at the following video for a few examples:

Here's another GSG product, the MB-45 pick and place robot, designed to load a mattress factory glue line:

Robotics obviously have a firm footing in manufacturing and great prospects for the future. GSG would be glad to consult with you when planning all your advanced manufacturing operations. We already have industry-specific background in factory automation and you know we'll still be around for you long after the Chinese robot bubble bursts.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Where's the "Find My Gribetz Quilter" app?

Google recently announced a new search feature for finding your lost phone right in a Google search...

"...Owners of lost Android devices can also simply Google "find my phone" or "I lost my phone" to view their lost phone on a map at the top of the search results page.According to Google, this search feature will soon be available for iOS devices too..." - excerpt from article (read the full story here:

OK, Gribetz hasn't developed a "Where's my quilter" app yet, but let's face it: if you can't find your quilter, you must have bigger problems. But Gribetz has embraced the productivity power of mobility and developed this tablet-based HMI control device.

HMI operator's tablet

Now your mattress quilter operator has the primary operation controls in the palm of his hand as he moves about your quilting operation. His activities are no longer restricted to his access to the machine's stationary control cabinet. 

This will enable your operator to perform the following tasks and much more:

  • inspect materials and machine performance from anywhere within signal range
  • perform machine procedures like loop take time away from the control cabinet
  • multi-task on nearby processes and still maintain crucial machine controls
  • improve uptime rates by more easily executing service and maintenance procedures

Greater worker mobility is one way manufacturers are becoming more productive and this hand-held HMI tablet goes a long way toward improving your quilting operation's productivity.

Click here to get more details at the GSG website!