Wednesday, May 18, 2016

#1 cause for workplace injuries: strain from material handling

That may not be too surprising to you, but this might be... the average number of days away from work for employees filing these claims is 57! Here's another fact that may cause you to strain: the average per injury cost for this type of claim ranged from $8000 - $42,400. Ouch!

These are findings listed in a recent report from Travelers Insurance, the largest worker's compensation carrier in the US, which analyzed 1.5 million worker's comp claims between 2010 and 2014.

"...“Even seemingly minor injuries, such as strains or sprains, can substantially impact an employee and slow a business’s operations and productivity,” said Woody Dwyer, second vice president, Workers’ Compensation, Risk Control, Travelers..." Excerpt from IndustryWeek article referencing this report.
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A strain or a sprain sounds like a minor injury, but 57 days of lost productivity sounds like a major setback!

Take care of your employees, and take care of your business with equipment that helps prevent these workplace mishaps. Ergonomic-focused equipment can relieve the strain that causes injury and make the employee more productive with an easier workflow.

See these three examples below from Global Systems Group. Each is a machine with an adjustable integrated belt table to make each associated process in mattress production easier and safer.
NC1001 Mattress Binder

EST-501 Belt Table Flanger
Mattress Master Elite Belt Table Tape Edge

All of these can be coordinated with an Eton System overhead material handling system to make your factory even more safe and productive. More material handling ideas from GSG can be found here.

Eton System from GSG

Don't let material handling issues be a strain on your business. Take a good look at how your workflow is handled and contact GSG to help you create a safer AND more productive mattress factory.

Friday, May 13, 2016

3 of the top 10 fastest growing online retailers are mattress companies!

Last year, online retail buzz centered on razors. Dollar Shave Club, No. 238 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, and Harry’s Grooming (No. 493) were growing at a record pace...

This year? The craze is mattresses.

Three of the top six fastest-growing e-retailers in the Top 500 (Leesa, ranked No. 499, Saatva Inc. at No. 300, and Casper at No. 290) sell their own brand of mattresses—a product consumers mostly have purchased in the past at bricks-and-mortar mattress stores and from a few online players that previously captured only modest market share. But several retailers that sell mattresses online have popped up in the last couple of years, many raising millions in venture capital funding and growing fast. These three merchants are new to the Top 500 rankings this year, and they each skipped The Second 500 Guide (Internet Retailer’s ranking of the fast-growing mid-tier in online retail) entirely, a sign of their rapid emergence from startup status to meaningful sales...
Excerpt from Read the full story at (

"The craze is mattresses." 
Last year's craze, Dollar Shave Club, was on target to double the previous year's online sales. We'll have to wait and see if the this year's "craze," online mattress companies, replicates that kind of trajectory.
Or do you? GSG already has the equipment you need to tap into this explosive market.
TK 381 Roll Packaging Machine
Start with the TK381 Roll Pack Machine. Here's a key differintiating factor: it's capable of roll packing foams AND spring products.  Click here for more related mattress equipment to help with production of this kind of product.
Contact your GSG rep to get rolling on this fast-growing sector of online sales!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Is failure to adopt efficiency-boosting equipment leading to national economic crisis?

OK - perhaps the headline is a bit alarmist, but is it preventing you from being as profitable as you could be? Take a look at the following excerpt from a recent Bloomberg News article:
Employers have steadily beefed up headcounts to meet demand even as growth softened the past two quarters. At the same time, they’ve been hesitant to ramp up investments in efficiency-boosting equipment, meaning productivity will likely continue to languish.“Productivity is pretty weak, there’s no question about that,” said David Sloan, a senior economist at 4cast Inc. in New York. Still, the report “does give a hint that wage pressures are starting to build because of the strong labor market, so that is of significance.”      
Read the full Bloomberg story:
I've taken the liberty to highlight the key items of this productivity story for you. Quoted economists suggest that increasing labor costs with declining productivity can be a drag on the economy. You can read the rest of the story at Bloomberg, but please use this frame of reference: "does this sound like my manufacturing company?" 
As this story suggests, "efficiency-boosting equipment" could help you fight weakening productivity and increasing wage pressure. That's the goal of all our new products at Global Systems Group: lower labor costs, more production.
Mattress Master Optima

The Mattress Master Optima is one example of "efficiency-boosting equipment" from GSG. We're doing our part to stimulate the economy with equipment offerings like this. Check out this Optima web page to see if this tape edge machine might stimulate the economic conditions of your own business.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Connected machines yield amazing manufacturing improvements

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) surveyed manufacturing companies that have digitized their processes and found astounding results:
  • 82% increased efficiency
  • 49% experienced fewer product defects
  • 45% increased customer satisfaction
Connecting manufacturing devices and aggregating the data created is enabling manufacturers to reduce overhead, conserve resources, increase profits and optimize operational efficiencies.
Read the full IndustryWeek article here:

Does this sound appealing to you? Of course it does!
Does implementing this technology sound intimidating to you? It doesn't need to be!
GSG can help. Our new GreenLight XT system can be integrated with your existing machines to get you started on improving your manufacturing efficiencies like those companies in the aforementioned survey.
Caption: GreenLight XT manufacturing reporting system installed on Naehtec NC 1001 binding machine.
GSG can help you track performance and maintenance of nearly any machine in your factories and view informative data in easily undertsood charts and reports. The first step in gaining impressive efficiency improvements like those listed in the survey results is to get connected with the source of the data: the machine itself.
Get connected with GSG to take this first step in your factory!