Thursday, March 3, 2016

That's a lot of cargo!

CMA CGM Will Operate Six ‘Mega-Ships’ to U.S. West Coast

"...Putting new vessels—particularly some of the largest container ships ever built—into service today puts CMA CGM at odds with other large steamship lines, which generally have been curtailing service amid a capacity glut and plummeting shipping rates..."
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This shipping giant's decision increase its use of these giant ships may contradict logistics economists' analysis, but it's happening. They are increasing more lines between Asia and the US and due to a glut of capacity shipping rates are falling. That may be bad business for the shipping industry, but that means trade between the US and Asia is more lucrative than ever.

Is that good news or bad news for your business?

If you're in the mattress industry you'll want to know what's being installed in the GSG booth at ISPA EXPO next week. The behemoth truss work going up here is part of a system that will make your mattress production more efficient than ever. You can take advantage of that increased efficiency to compete with those imports or grow your production to fill some space of your own on those outbound ships!

Visit the GSG Booth 2147 at ISPA EXPO to see this and many more mattress manufacturing systems that increase your production and efficiency.

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