Saturday, March 22, 2014

Overnight factory (well, practically)

It never ceases to amaze me... I've seen this happen many, many times, but it still seems remarkable to be able to transform some raw concrete into a showroom factory in a matter of a few days' time.

It's a quiet, humble start, but it quickly develops into a flurry of action...

Add some carpet, move in some machines...

Mix in some signs and we are on our way!

We hope you're on your way to New Orleans to see how this turns out. As amazing as it is to transform this space, the machines that fill it up is even more so. About 40 leading-edge GSG mattress manufacturing machines will demonstrate the latest methods available to improve your production.

It takes great efficiency to put this show floor factory together like this, and the experience and advanced technology behind it can make your factory a more efficient plant. Join us GSG in booth 2049 to see how this turns out and see the manufacturing system that can transform your business.

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