Friday, January 27, 2012

Manufacturing Is Key to Innovation as Well as Jobs...

Manufacturing Is Key to Innovation as Well as Jobs - Technology Review

... But manufacturing is critical to the health of the U.S. economy for reasons other than just job creation. Recent academic research and much anecdotal evidence suggest that having a robust manufacturing sector is critical in the development of next-generation technologies... - excerpt from Technology Review article

Manufacturing and innovation go hand in hand. Manufacturing without innovation is "me too" manufacturing.

Global Systems Group companies like Gribetz International, Porter International and Gateway Systems are leaders in the field of mattress machinery manufacturing because we work cooperatively between our customers, our own R&D departments and our engineers. Best of all - we pour all that knowledge into machines we manufacture under our own roof!

GSG has a long history of building machinery that mattress manufacturers need because we are right in the thick of mattress manufacturing. This leads to intuitive thinking that produces new innovation for manufacturers.


The Idea Center is crucial to our R&D development. It's no wonder our sewing lab looks like a factory floor - that's our inspiration!

Our newest innovations inspired by manufacturers like you will be on display at ISPA EXPO 2012. Come by our booth, 2433, to see the next-generation mattress equipment that will be on mattress factory floors like yours soon.

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