Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Progress doesn't wait for anyone.

I recently encountered this scene at a Chinese construction site. Upon close inspection, you can see that dirt has been filled in around this truck to the top of its fenders!

Some things can't wait...

It's a funny sight, but it also serves as a good analogy of machine technology. If your machinery is operating with dated technology that can't keep up with the fast-changing landscape of mattress manufacturing, you may get swallowed up.

GSG is bringing new technology to Interzum 2011 in nearly all machinery types.
  • New quilting technology for more production options than ever before
  • New pillowtop technology for new methods
  • New border fabrication equipment for better style
  • New zipper systems
  • More new packaging options than ever before

Our newest innovation is a "Must See" for everyone in the mattress industry. See it in a special-purpose display room only at the GSG space at Interzum.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Materials costs could push mattress prices higher

 Materials costs could push mattress prices higher:

"AT THE MARKET - Mattress producers showing here say they have raised prices..." (Click here to read entire article at

That's the latest news in a FurnitureToday article from High Point Market, in North Carolina.  Higher material costs must be paid for by someone: you - the manufacturer or your customer. Neither option is ever very desirable, but it's a fact of business.

As raw material costs increase, so does the case for lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing strives to eliminate waste from the manufacturing process. Many of the machines recently developed at Global Systems Group are ideal for achieving such lean manufacturing initiatives. There will be nearly a dozen machines never before shown in the GSg Interzum booth.

The latest of these lean machines is a "Must See" for anyone in the mattress industry: and it will only be unveiled in the GSG booth on May 25, 2011.

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