Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do you want to see something different at Interzum?

Here is a view of the Kölner Dom cathedral you don't see often...
Looking up in Cologne
This photo is shot straight up from inside the top of one of the cathedral towers when I was at Interzum 2009.

NC 1200 Zipper Machine
Here's something else you may have seen from a new angle had you been at the GSG booth that year. The Naehtec NC 1200 Zipper Machine has a unique innovative pedestal design the puts the sewing head and operator right in the center of the zipper sewing operation. It's fast, it's ergonomic and it is was only found in the GSG space. 

Naehtec is a very innovative GSG company and they will be bringing more new equipment to Interzum 2011 in May.

When you visit the GSG booth at Interzum this year, you're sure to see things differently when you're done. Mattress manufacturing has changed dramatically in recent years. GSG has responded to your changing needs with a new perspective on mattress machinery. The GSG booth will be filled with new equipment - and you're going to see something like no other machine in the industry!

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