Friday, September 29, 2017

Is your Productivity Rate flat-lining?!

As stated here many times, good productivity is vital to the health of your mattress manufacturing business. It is one of the purest measurements of your company's success because it weighs the true product value you get out of the resources you invest in your business.

The chart below shows the Productivity Index Rate specifically for Furniture Manufacturers (NAICS code 337) from 1996 to 2016. Overall, we've come a long way, but that's not all it tells us. Twenty years ago the productivity rate was expanding very rapidly, and though it is still showing some growth, it has become relatively flat in recent years.

(Based on statistics from the Bureau of Labor's Productivity and Labor data series IPUEN337___L000)
Obviously many impacting factors come into play; changes in product value, employment levels, just to name a couple biggies. So you can really improve your productivity rate by raising the selling price of your final product, and if you can do that - more power to you! Instead, most manufacturers are being pressured to competitively reduce their selling price, so that makes productivity improvements even more valuable than ever.

Global Systems Group has developed many new technologically advanced mattress machine systems to keep your factory from flat-ling. Multi-tasking operations (more work from less labor) can quickly point your productivity rate upwards.
Porter PE-504/DO with flange attachment
This Porter PE-504/DO is a roll-fed serging machine to overedge each side of border material AND it can automatically add flange behind the serging operation. This improves your worker's productivity in two ways! Since it is fully automated, your worker can perform another operation while this process is working, and the additional flange attachment eliminates that downstream operation altogether.

Gribetz DST-60 de-stacker robot

The Gribetz DST-60 robotic quilt panel de-stacker automatically loads panels into the flanger workspace without any need for operator labor. Reducing non-value-add touches is another valuable productivity factor because it keeps your worker focused on improving product value rather than sucking value out with unnecessary labor tasks.

Don't fall behind the curve in the area of factory productivity. Visit the GSG website,, to find many more high-production systems for your mattress factory.

Friday, September 22, 2017

What is Productivity? (The simple answer, please...)

(Video courtesy of the US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics See:

Sometimes it's helpful to get back to the basics. This simple primer video will make you ask, "So how's my Output/Input ratio these days?" (Hint: the bigger the value, the better) There are many complex methods and practices to achieve this, but that's what it boils down to.

Global Systems Group wants to help mattress manufacturers make more products with less effort. That way, you make more profit, and that way - well - that way, you make more profit! That's a simple concept too!

Making the production process simple for your operators is a quick, basic way to improve your factory's productivity. These simple machine are perfect examples of this:

Gateway Systems Mattress Master Optima
Manual tape-edging is hard work. Automated tape-edging with a Mattress Master Optima machine is simple work. It automatically moves the heavy bed for the operator and built in features ensure good finish quality.

Porter EST-501 Flange Machine
The EST-501 simplifies the crucial task of serging/flanging mattress quilt panels. The belts are synchronized with the sewing speed of the sew-head and they automatically turn the mattress for clean cornering. A de-skilled operation and comfortable work station can make any operator more productive in a short time.

Gribetz Paragon SL straight line quilter
Here's a simple machine to greatly increase your productivity. This new Gribetz Paragon SL quilter is designed for the mattress producer that makes a huge capacity of "channel quilted" beds - that is simply straight line sewing with no Tack and Jump patterns or side-to-side movements. Sewing at 1750 RPM, it's the fastest mattress quilter ever!

Sometimes in manufacturing businesses we overthink things. It's refreshing to make a simple analysis of our productivity, and GSG has some simple solutions to help you do it better.

It's simple - contact GSG as soon as you can to improve your Output/Input ratio.