Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What's a frog's tongue have to do with GSG and mattress manufacturing?

Frogs use elastic tongues and reversible spit to catch prey
... But the frog’s tongue is “one of the softest bio tissues known,” she says, similar to the squishiness of brain tissue and a whole 10 times softer than the human tongue. So the tongue acts like “shock absorbers on a car,” hitting the prey with just the right amount of force.

That’s where the saliva comes in. When the spit first hits the insect, it becomes very watery, allowing it to fill the nooks and crannies of the insect’s body. The more coverage the frog has, the tighter its grips on dinner becomes—kind of like the way a quarterback gets better at handling a ball the larger his hands are.

As the frog reels its meal back into its mouth, its saliva becomes stickier—“more viscous than honey,” in Noel’s words—ensuring that the insect stays along for the ride.”If you can believe it, it’s a reversible adhesive,” she says...

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Photo Credit: Alexis Noel

This is interesting new science info (albeit slightly gross as well), but you're probably still be wondering what this news story has to do with GSG and mattress manufacturing...

Just as science has recently recognized the adhesive genius engineering of Mother Nature, GSG recognizes the advanced adhesive engineering of our newest partner: quarrata forniture. Italy-based quarrata has developed adhesive machinery systems that determine the exact amount of required adhesive when applied to bedding components as they pass through the machine process so you don't waste excess material or drying time. It's genius, and GSG is proud to share it with the international bedding industry!

quarrata forniture's Rollflex/Press/Sahara glue line

The Rollflex roll-coat line is one example of this system.

  • Sensors analyze the volume of the unit passing through the machine and distributes the precise amount of adhesive
  • A 2-ton press ensures a thorough bond
  • Infrared heat from the Sahara drying device instantly dries the glue

Like the evolution of the frog's sticky tongue, the quarrata systems make your mattress glue lines for foam-encasements and layered foam more efficient.

You can read more about this new partner relationship in a press release at Global Systems Group's website, and learn more about the new gluing machines by contacting your GSG rep.

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