Thursday, August 3, 2017

US factory expansion is up (good) and so are raw goods costs (bad)!

US Factory Gauge Continues to Signal Solid Expansion in July

...While the ISM index settled back from a June level that was the second-highest since 2011, it remains above the average over the past year, as are its three main gauges. The figures signal that optimism about the economy is enduring among American businesses even as prospects dissipate for swift changes on tax and infrastructure policy from Washington lawmakers.

 Goods producers are sustaining progress that’s been building since 2015. Steady U.S. consumer and business demand, along with a recovering global economy, are allowing manufacturing to hit its stride.

 A pickup in the ISM’s prices-paid index indicates more factories also reported paying higher prices for inputs and raw materials last month, also a reflection of improving world demand... 

- excerpt from recent article  

(read full story here:

That's the recent news from IndustryWeek magazine. Overall, it's good news for manufacturing, but pay attention to the last Key Takeaway in the final paragraph. It specifies an increase in Prices Paid Index. This story indicates that production is strong, optimisim is strong, but your raw materials cost is going to take a bite into your profit margins. 

Unless you make some adjustments... As the world's economy growth and demand improves, your material costs will continue to swell. You may not have the leverage to force your supplier to keep raw goods prices down, but you can offset those costs with some manufacturing adjustments.

When your raw goods increase you have to counter that by decreasing your scrap waste and decreasing the cost to convert it to finished goods. That's achieved through improved efficiencies.

One way the new Gribetz Spectrum quilter does this is by reducing downtime required of changes to needle settings. Since the Spectrum's unique design uses 15 independent sewing heads, NO needle setting changes are necessary to switch from one pattern design to another! Each sewing head can be independently controlled and automatically turns off/on as needed.
New Gribetz Spectrum with 15 unique sewing heads

With the Spectrum, you can create the most unique product designs to be competitive in this increasingly competitive industry while still maintaining a profitable bottom line with better production efficiencies. Besides reducing downtime, you can also increase your daily yield sewing at 1400 RPM on the Spectrum!

GSG has equipment to improve your bottom line through improved productivity and efficiencies in every part of your mattress factory. Click here to learn more about all our New Products.

New Products from GSG

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Manufacturing under fire!

Headline from Kansas City Star article: 

Fires slowed growth in Kansas manufacturing, but the rest of the region is strong

(Full KC Star article: KC Star article:
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(Full KC Star article:
A cow grazed by a wildfire near Protection, Kan., in early March. Disruptions from fires, which included forced evacuations of towns and road closures, slowed manufacturing activity in the state.
A cow grazed by a wildfire near Protection, Kan., in early March. Disruptions from fires, which included forced evacuations of towns and road closures, slowed manufacturing activity in the state. Bo Rader File photo

Read more here: KC Star article:

Wildfires didn't keep this cow from grazing on the grass around it, but it apparently did hinder manufacturing around it. The point is; your manufacturing operation can be strongly impacted in the most unusual ways. That's why its so important to be prepared with a strong foundation of best practices and solid systems. That way, when adversity strikes you are better prepared to adapt and recover from business disruptions.

It's hard enough to operate a business when everything is going right, but when labor shortages, supply-chain interruptions, and raw goods price fluctuations are factored in, it can become a crisis. Your plant needs to be as productive, efficient, and flexible as possible to respond to changing demands.

Global Systems Group will be demonstrating the most efficient mattress manufacturing equipment available at Interzum 2017 and we'll show you how it makes your operations healthier. This equipment is designed with these key criteria:

  1. Productivity - more pieces per day with the least required labor.
  2. Efficiency - machine speed and reliability keeps your factory at work with reduced downtime.
  3. Quality - making a better product in a better way is more profitable for you!
Here are few of these machines you'll find
at the GSG booth in Hall 9.1
Gribetz Paragon quilter

Teknomac TK-381 roll-packer

Eton Systems overhead conveyor

Porter EST-501 flange machine

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mattress Manufacturing post-2009

Each year, IndustryWeek Magazine asks U.S. manufacturers, "What is the greatest challenge you face?" 2009 was a scary time for many global manufacturers and the survey responses from that year reflect many stark concerns. Here is a small handful of those responses:

"...The economy!
remaining competitive with foreign suppliers
increased pricing for materials
material cost fluctuation, energy cost
skilled labor with proper attitude
The global credit crunch
lack of orders
Finding & hiring qualified employees
large fluctuations in customer demand..."
(Read all 1300 Industry Week survey responses here:

Do you recall experiencing any of these challenges in 2009?
Many manufacturers learned alot during those lean times and survived by getting smart about their manufacturing processes. Those lessons have taught us all a great deal about the importance of productivity, operational efficiencies and the premium value of labor demands.

GSG Greenlight XT control panel for OEE
Faced with surviving a difficult manufacturing environment in 2009, many lean initiatives were accelerated and labor productivity measures were given sharper focus. It gave rise to the concepts of Industrie 4.0, the next industrial revolution. Cyber-physical systems of Industrie 4.0 are yielding greater efficiencies through greater connectivity of humans and machines through networked computer systems.

Learn more about Industrie 4.0 before the next recession threatens
If you survived the manufacturing challenges of 2009 you are ready for Industrie 4.0 and GSG is ready to share our mattress manufacturing systems with you at Interzum 2017 (Hall 9, Stand C-020).

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Huge business optimism in 2017!

"A whopping 80% of middle-market businesses said they were optimistic about the economy. That’s up from 39% last year and reflects a sea change in sentiment that’s swept through the ranks of corporate America since the November election..." (excerpt from Industry Week article, 2017.02.21 : click here to read full story at

GSG is optimistic about the year ahead too and we are very excited to share our newest technology with you at Interzum 2017. GSG is always the largest exhibitor in Hall 9 and this year we've actually expanded more space to demonstrate more new technology.

GSG in Hall 9, Stand C-020

 This ambitious renewal of business optimism will lead to new manufacturing methods, new demands for efficiency, and customer satisfaction... a new era in manufacturing. Actually that has already begun - it's called Industrie 4.0 and it will be on full display in the GSG booth. Industrie 4.0 is focused on greater efficiencies and productivity based on data-driven connectivity between human and machine.

Gribetz will showcase not one, but two new quilters! How's that for optimism? You'll witness the fastest production quilter ever, as well as a brand new machine for greater quilting styles.
See two new Gribetz quilters at Interzum 2017
GSG is very optimistic about the future of mattress manufacturing and we're hopeful we'll see you at Interzum 2017!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What's a frog's tongue have to do with GSG and mattress manufacturing?

Frogs use elastic tongues and reversible spit to catch prey
... But the frog’s tongue is “one of the softest bio tissues known,” she says, similar to the squishiness of brain tissue and a whole 10 times softer than the human tongue. So the tongue acts like “shock absorbers on a car,” hitting the prey with just the right amount of force.

That’s where the saliva comes in. When the spit first hits the insect, it becomes very watery, allowing it to fill the nooks and crannies of the insect’s body. The more coverage the frog has, the tighter its grips on dinner becomes—kind of like the way a quarterback gets better at handling a ball the larger his hands are.

As the frog reels its meal back into its mouth, its saliva becomes stickier—“more viscous than honey,” in Noel’s words—ensuring that the insect stays along for the ride.”If you can believe it, it’s a reversible adhesive,” she says...

(Read the entire Popular Science story at: )

Photo Credit: Alexis Noel

This is interesting new science info (albeit slightly gross as well), but you're probably still be wondering what this news story has to do with GSG and mattress manufacturing...

Just as science has recently recognized the adhesive genius engineering of Mother Nature, GSG recognizes the advanced adhesive engineering of our newest partner: quarrata forniture. Italy-based quarrata has developed adhesive machinery systems that determine the exact amount of required adhesive when applied to bedding components as they pass through the machine process so you don't waste excess material or drying time. It's genius, and GSG is proud to share it with the international bedding industry!

quarrata forniture's Rollflex/Press/Sahara glue line

The Rollflex roll-coat line is one example of this system.

  • Sensors analyze the volume of the unit passing through the machine and distributes the precise amount of adhesive
  • A 2-ton press ensures a thorough bond
  • Infrared heat from the Sahara drying device instantly dries the glue

Like the evolution of the frog's sticky tongue, the quarrata systems make your mattress glue lines for foam-encasements and layered foam more efficient.

You can read more about this new partner relationship in a press release at Global Systems Group's website, and learn more about the new gluing machines by contacting your GSG rep.