Friday, September 30, 2016

GSG help for your Help Wanted woes

Are you struggling with staffing? Many US manufacturers report this as a major hurdle in maintaining production demand in the near future. According to a recent Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article, this is a widespread concern...

"...Eight in 10 manufacturing executives said the expanding skills gap will affect their ability to keep up with customer demand, according to a 2015 survey by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute, an industry-backed nonprofit..." (read full Wall Street Journal article here:

This WSJ graphic from the same article, gives an indication of the problem. There are fewer unemployed manufacturing workers available for each open position and new manufacturing processes require a higher-educated workforce. That is a hard match to find.

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GSG is not in the business of job placement for mattress manufacturers. However, we can help. The key is multi-tasking machines that maintain better uptime operation and demand little skilled training. This way you can improve your productivity rate by getting greater product from fewer required workers per hour.

Here are a few GSG examples:

High-speed 1600 RPM production with easier maintenance burden.

Mattress border, measure cut machine automatically measures and cuts stored border product sections.

Creative handle sewing system with computerized efficiency.

Manufacturing staffing conditions are not about to change anytime soon. So if you're experiencing a tough time keeping a qualified workforce in place or fear the thought that you may have to replace lost skilled labor in the future, prepare now. 

Visit the Global Systems Group website to see all our mattress production machines designed to help with 'Help Wanted' issues.

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