Thursday, September 1, 2016

Good news from across the pond for mattress producers

Headline: Post-Brexit bounce in UK factories sparks BoE rate cut doubts

"British manufacturing staged one of its sharpest rebounds on record in August, a post-Brexit surprise that could prompt the Bank of England to rethink the need to cut interest rates again if other surveys confirm the trend.

The recovery far outstripped all economists' forecasts, delivering the strongest signal yet that Britain's economy is performing better than initially feared after the June 23 referendum vote to leave the European Union..."   

(Read full Reuters story:

UK manufacturers have proven that you can't stand still and wait out pessimistic market sentiments. Individual manufacturers overcome negative macroeconomic conditions by taking positive initiatives in their own production plans. But being paralyzed by uncertainty rarely creates the rebound so many individual manufacturers need.

GSG is proud of our UK-based Gateway Systems. Over 50 years of innovation has developed the most advanced line of tape edge machines in the mattress industry, the Mattress Master series. Give your own tape edge operation a rebound in productivity with one of these machines.

Mattress Master Elite
Mattress Master Optima
Another mattress style enjoying a recent rebound is tufting. Mattress customers find the luxurious stylings of lush, hand-crafted tufting very appealing. Gateway Systems offers one of the most efficient options for this process with their GS-660 Jumbo Tufter.
GS-660 Jumbo Tufter

Here's more incentive to act now - due to the Brexit effect, the Sterling Pound value is still near the lowest it's been in the last half decade.So take advantage of that now before more positive UK economic news turns that around!

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