Thursday, June 2, 2016

Where's the "Find My Gribetz Quilter" app?

Google recently announced a new search feature for finding your lost phone right in a Google search...

"...Owners of lost Android devices can also simply Google "find my phone" or "I lost my phone" to view their lost phone on a map at the top of the search results page.According to Google, this search feature will soon be available for iOS devices too..." - excerpt from article (read the full story here:

OK, Gribetz hasn't developed a "Where's my quilter" app yet, but let's face it: if you can't find your quilter, you must have bigger problems. But Gribetz has embraced the productivity power of mobility and developed this tablet-based HMI control device.

HMI operator's tablet

Now your mattress quilter operator has the primary operation controls in the palm of his hand as he moves about your quilting operation. His activities are no longer restricted to his access to the machine's stationary control cabinet. 

This will enable your operator to perform the following tasks and much more:

  • inspect materials and machine performance from anywhere within signal range
  • perform machine procedures like loop take time away from the control cabinet
  • multi-task on nearby processes and still maintain crucial machine controls
  • improve uptime rates by more easily executing service and maintenance procedures

Greater worker mobility is one way manufacturers are becoming more productive and this hand-held HMI tablet goes a long way toward improving your quilting operation's productivity.

Click here to get more details at the GSG website!

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