Wednesday, May 18, 2016

#1 cause for workplace injuries: strain from material handling

That may not be too surprising to you, but this might be... the average number of days away from work for employees filing these claims is 57! Here's another fact that may cause you to strain: the average per injury cost for this type of claim ranged from $8000 - $42,400. Ouch!

These are findings listed in a recent report from Travelers Insurance, the largest worker's compensation carrier in the US, which analyzed 1.5 million worker's comp claims between 2010 and 2014.

"...“Even seemingly minor injuries, such as strains or sprains, can substantially impact an employee and slow a business’s operations and productivity,” said Woody Dwyer, second vice president, Workers’ Compensation, Risk Control, Travelers..." Excerpt from IndustryWeek article referencing this report.
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A strain or a sprain sounds like a minor injury, but 57 days of lost productivity sounds like a major setback!

Take care of your employees, and take care of your business with equipment that helps prevent these workplace mishaps. Ergonomic-focused equipment can relieve the strain that causes injury and make the employee more productive with an easier workflow.

See these three examples below from Global Systems Group. Each is a machine with an adjustable integrated belt table to make each associated process in mattress production easier and safer.
NC1001 Mattress Binder

EST-501 Belt Table Flanger
Mattress Master Elite Belt Table Tape Edge

All of these can be coordinated with an Eton System overhead material handling system to make your factory even more safe and productive. More material handling ideas from GSG can be found here.

Eton System from GSG

Don't let material handling issues be a strain on your business. Take a good look at how your workflow is handled and contact GSG to help you create a safer AND more productive mattress factory.

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