Sunday, March 16, 2014

No 1's: Wichita State, Florida, Virginia, Arizona... and GSG?

NCAA Brackets 2014 - (click this link to see the full brackets)

Courtesy CBS Sports
The brackets are all set! Let the madness begin...

You may be filling out your basketball championship brackets and following results of every game with great intensity. All the Number 1 seeds are selected and now it's time to see how the tournament evolves.

Many of us will watch this unfold while we are preparing for, and attending ISPA EXPO, in New Orleans. If you can be distracted long enough from the games, we'd like to share our top seeds for the GSG booth:

  • Quilting Technology - Gribetz International in unveiling groundbreaking new technology that can make your productivity soar by up to 25% ! That's a slam dunk you must take a look at.
  • Zipper cover production - Score with our new equipment that makes this popular style of mattress production more lucrative than ever before.
  • Engineered Borders - GSG has a wide selection of stylish border production machines never seen at ISPA EXPO before. It's a fast break to profits with many options.
  • Glue Line - GSG has a new, water-based automated adhesive system that's ideal for foam encasement units or layered foam. It's a winner in every way.

There's a full bracket of new GSG systems - ask your GSG rep about the dozen new and updated machines.

Like the basketball championship tourney, there are always surprises you may have never expected. So stop in the GSG Booth 2049, and see if something surprising floors you.

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