Monday, March 31, 2014

GSG Booth Overview at ISPA EXPO 2014

Where to begin?

There was something for everyone in the GSG booth at the ISPA EXPO! 

Everything appears small in this picture, but there are some BIG mattress industry innovations down there. With about a dozen new systems demonstrated on the floor, there are so many ways GSG can help your mattress production.

Be sure to contact your local GSG representative for a closer look at the details.

Be sure to ask about these:
  • WildStitch Technology Package 
  • ZipCutter computerized cutting table for specialty covers
  • Zipper work cells
  • Engineered Borders with new BMS-1500 features
  • GB-1 Glue Bridge and Press
  • Mattress Master Optima tape edge machine
The GSG booth at ISPA EXPO, is the place to see it all, but see your GSG rep for even greater details.

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Specialty mattress cover cell

Here is a view from the GSG booth highlighting specialty covers cell equipment.

This is one of the most popular areas of the ISPA EXPO. Here are key machines of the cell:

  1. Gribetz GB-1 Glue Bridge - build up layered foam or pocket coil hybrids
  2. Galkin GMS-1050 FR sock stuffer - cover the core with a FR sock
  3. Galkin GBC-1000C FR sock sewer - Sew the sock closed with the compression clamps and automatic travelling sew head
  4. Porter ZipCutter - computer-controlled non-quilt cover cutting machine quickly cuts out covers with computerized precision and speed
  5. Porter POM-500 overlock sewing machine - NEW overlock machine sews the cover into fitted shape
  6. Naehtec NC-1199-1 or Porter PZM-2500 - Either of these zipper machines can add zippers to the covers if necessary.
Don't see a ZipCutter cover cutter in this picture? Sorry - it's there, but we'll share that in greater detail soon!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

A full house in the GSG booth

What a sight! Hundreds of customers have been filling the GSG booth to see the newest available mattress manufacturing technology. About 40 new machines are drawing mattress producers from around the world.

It's been quite a celebration in New Orleans and we're only half way through.

Contact your GSG rep to find out what must see from this show.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Look into new Wildstitch Technology from Gribetz

All eyes are on Wildstitch and it's a BIG deal in the GSG booth!

Celebrate Quilting
Gribetz has a long history of developing the industry's leading-edge technology and Wildstitch is the next step. The next HUGE step, that is.

Wildstitch Technology can increase your productivity by double-digit numbers!

There are many new GSG systems to improve your mattress manufacturing efficiency and productivity. Stop the GSG Booth 2049 and take a good look around to see how we can help your business grow.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Overnight factory (well, practically)

It never ceases to amaze me... I've seen this happen many, many times, but it still seems remarkable to be able to transform some raw concrete into a showroom factory in a matter of a few days' time.

It's a quiet, humble start, but it quickly develops into a flurry of action...

Add some carpet, move in some machines...

Mix in some signs and we are on our way!

We hope you're on your way to New Orleans to see how this turns out. As amazing as it is to transform this space, the machines that fill it up is even more so. About 40 leading-edge GSG mattress manufacturing machines will demonstrate the latest methods available to improve your production.

It takes great efficiency to put this show floor factory together like this, and the experience and advanced technology behind it can make your factory a more efficient plant. Join us GSG in booth 2049 to see how this turns out and see the manufacturing system that can transform your business.

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

No 1's: Wichita State, Florida, Virginia, Arizona... and GSG?

NCAA Brackets 2014 - (click this link to see the full brackets)

Courtesy CBS Sports
The brackets are all set! Let the madness begin...

You may be filling out your basketball championship brackets and following results of every game with great intensity. All the Number 1 seeds are selected and now it's time to see how the tournament evolves.

Many of us will watch this unfold while we are preparing for, and attending ISPA EXPO, in New Orleans. If you can be distracted long enough from the games, we'd like to share our top seeds for the GSG booth:

  • Quilting Technology - Gribetz International in unveiling groundbreaking new technology that can make your productivity soar by up to 25% ! That's a slam dunk you must take a look at.
  • Zipper cover production - Score with our new equipment that makes this popular style of mattress production more lucrative than ever before.
  • Engineered Borders - GSG has a wide selection of stylish border production machines never seen at ISPA EXPO before. It's a fast break to profits with many options.
  • Glue Line - GSG has a new, water-based automated adhesive system that's ideal for foam encasement units or layered foam. It's a winner in every way.

There's a full bracket of new GSG systems - ask your GSG rep about the dozen new and updated machines.

Like the basketball championship tourney, there are always surprises you may have never expected. So stop in the GSG Booth 2049, and see if something surprising floors you.

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