Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nintendo Issues Earnings Warning on Poor Wii U Sales

"...The warning, released after the Tokyo market closed Friday, highlighted a growing chasm between Nintendo (IW 1000/561) and global rivals Sony and Microsoft, as well as the trio's battle against cheap -- or sometimes free -- downloadable games for smartphones and tablets..."

Read the full IndustryWeek article here.

This story should cause all manufacturers to take notice.

Only a few, short years ago, this electronic game system was on everyone's wish list and demanding top dollar. It earned many innovation awards, new releases sold out within an hour at some locations, and over 100 million units have been sold worldwide.

But now, changes in competition and technology have resulted in weak Wii sales, and Nintendo is facing a $240 million fiscal year loss.

Changes in technology and competition within the mattress industry can quickly affect your own market position. You must stay alert for new innovation and assume your competition is doing the same.

Your mattress product could be the next Wii story - either the early innovation success story, or the late-in-the-game weak sales story!

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