Thursday, January 16, 2014

Celebrating Our Customers

New Orleans – a destination for celebration! You have a lot of opportunities ahead of you in the mattress industry and we want to celebrate that with you at ISPA EXPO 2014.

Global Systems Group will demonstrate new technologies that can improve your manufacturing efficiencies and increase productivity. We’ll share new equipment to produce the latest bed styles and updates for old standards. Whether you are re-inventing your manufacturing process or simply replacing older equipment, the GSG booth at ISPA EXPO is a crucial destination to see all that’s available.

Key new developments:
Gribetz® Paragon® M+ quilt machine 
Customer-driven re-design makes the world’s fastest 3-bar quilter more user-friendly for even better service and performance.

Gribetz GB-1 Glue Bridge
This highly-efficient, automated water-based adhesive system eliminates overspray and better regulates the costs of your gluing operation.

Gateway Systems Mattress Master Optima™
This new semi-automatic tape edge machine combines the durable quality of the proven Mattress Master series with new cost-saving features for a very effective and affordable tape edge system.

There will also be new and updated systems in each of these mattress manufacturing areas:  
  • Quilting
  • Quilt panel cutters
  • Automated glue bridge application
  • Semi-automatic tape edge
  • Ruffling
  • Border binders
  • Engineered Border™ styling
  • Non-quilted bed covers
  • Zipper cover production
  • Foam core FR covering
  • Stylish mattress handles
  • Remote manufacturing management systems
  • Mattress packaging

Join us in New Orleans as we celebrate the new opportunities ahead for you in 2014.

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