Thursday, January 30, 2014

Celebrate a more productive future

There is a great deal of news these days about worker productivity in US manufacturing. The recent recession forced many companies - very likely your own included - to meet demand with fewer resources. Manufacturing worker productivity shot up, but it may have been at unsustainable levels. As industries recover and settle into familiar production patterns this worker productivity rate will likely subside. If they return to their old ways, that is! 

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This chart, based on data1 from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows more long term patterns that existed before the 2008 recession and how our industry is emerging from it too. To sum it up, though employee headcounts have declined with reducing overall production output, unit labor costs generally continue to increase.

Global Systems Group will be demonstrating new, highly-productive mattress machinery systems at ISPA EXPO. New advances in technology and engineering have made machine automation more affordable and practical than ever. This is the best way to maintain improved productivity rates now, and in the future.

BM-50 Auto-border Measure Machine
This small, automatic border measuring machine, from Porter International, is small step towards a more productive future for you. It's a simple, table-top machine to replace the laborious task of hand-measuring and cutting mattress borders with the old-fashioned peg table.

The BM-50 can measure a Queen size border in under 3 seconds - with computerized precision.

See the BM-50 and over a dozen new systems at the GSG booth in New Orleans. Celebrate the beginning of a more productive future!

1 Statistics from US Bureau of Labor Statistics report "Industry Labor Productivity and Costs: Percent Changes - August 29, 2013". Data derived from report on NAICS industry code 33712, Household and Institutional Furniture Mfg. (

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nintendo Issues Earnings Warning on Poor Wii U Sales

"...The warning, released after the Tokyo market closed Friday, highlighted a growing chasm between Nintendo (IW 1000/561) and global rivals Sony and Microsoft, as well as the trio's battle against cheap -- or sometimes free -- downloadable games for smartphones and tablets..."

Read the full IndustryWeek article here.

This story should cause all manufacturers to take notice.

Only a few, short years ago, this electronic game system was on everyone's wish list and demanding top dollar. It earned many innovation awards, new releases sold out within an hour at some locations, and over 100 million units have been sold worldwide.

But now, changes in competition and technology have resulted in weak Wii sales, and Nintendo is facing a $240 million fiscal year loss.

Changes in technology and competition within the mattress industry can quickly affect your own market position. You must stay alert for new innovation and assume your competition is doing the same.

Your mattress product could be the next Wii story - either the early innovation success story, or the late-in-the-game weak sales story!

View of the GSG booth at ISPA EXPO 2012

Visit the GSG booth at ISPA EXPO to see the latest mattress manufacturing technology that can make your business a headliner success story.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Celebrating Our Customers

New Orleans – a destination for celebration! You have a lot of opportunities ahead of you in the mattress industry and we want to celebrate that with you at ISPA EXPO 2014.

Global Systems Group will demonstrate new technologies that can improve your manufacturing efficiencies and increase productivity. We’ll share new equipment to produce the latest bed styles and updates for old standards. Whether you are re-inventing your manufacturing process or simply replacing older equipment, the GSG booth at ISPA EXPO is a crucial destination to see all that’s available.

Key new developments:
Gribetz® Paragon® M+ quilt machine 
Customer-driven re-design makes the world’s fastest 3-bar quilter more user-friendly for even better service and performance.

Gribetz GB-1 Glue Bridge
This highly-efficient, automated water-based adhesive system eliminates overspray and better regulates the costs of your gluing operation.

Gateway Systems Mattress Master Optima™
This new semi-automatic tape edge machine combines the durable quality of the proven Mattress Master series with new cost-saving features for a very effective and affordable tape edge system.

There will also be new and updated systems in each of these mattress manufacturing areas:  
  • Quilting
  • Quilt panel cutters
  • Automated glue bridge application
  • Semi-automatic tape edge
  • Ruffling
  • Border binders
  • Engineered Border™ styling
  • Non-quilted bed covers
  • Zipper cover production
  • Foam core FR covering
  • Stylish mattress handles
  • Remote manufacturing management systems
  • Mattress packaging

Join us in New Orleans as we celebrate the new opportunities ahead for you in 2014.

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