Friday, September 27, 2013

Global Industrial Robotics are here to stay

"...Currently, companies across industries are becoming aware of different automation solutions that would help them enhance their productivity..."     excerpt from Global Industrial Robotics Market in the Heavy Machinery Industry 2012-2016    (Click link to read full article and download a copy of the Industrial Robotics Report)

Once a scary, science-fiction concept, robots are becoming increasingly prevalent - and relevant - in today's manufacturing settings. Robots and similar automation technologies are ideal for repetitive-motion processes that risk creating costly waste by irregular human activity.

At Interzum 2013, Global Systems Group demonstrated a spray-glue robot, Glubot, that performed the task of applying adhesive to common mattress foam in a regulated, ultra-efficient pattern. The patent-pending technology combines the unique GSG spray heads similar to the GB-1 Glue Bridge with programmed robotics for a better controlled adhesive process.

(Click player to watch Glubot video)

See more highly-efficient mattress equipment at our GSG website and see more specialized foam-related mattress machinery as well.

You're sure to see more industrial robots in the news in the near future, but maybe you can be the focus of that news by installing one in your factory first!

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