Monday, October 28, 2013

Low USD value = high value bargains for US mattress equipment

"... the euro has gained pace especially after recent economic data, including German business confidence and purchasing managers' index surveys..." - excerpt from recent article
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Dollar steadies after selloff; focus on Fed, China money rates

As described in the referenced news article, the US dollar (USD) is near a 9-month low value* compared to other currencies like the Euro. At the time of this writing, Euro customers can purchase $1,000 worth of GSG machinery for under €725!

International patrons interested in obtaining top mattress technology from US-based companies like Gribetz, Galkin and Porter International should be thrilled with the opportunity this current low dollar value represents. Based on the exchange rate, this would be like getting our leading-edge quilting machines for over 25% less Euros.

The timing is great for another reason: Gribetz has just redesigned their flagship quilter, the Paragon M+. Many new features on this high-speed quilt machine make this a long-lasting value that cranks out great quality product easier than ever before.You can now get the most advanced quilter technology with the best exchange rate value in recent years.

Click here to learn more about the new benefits of the Gribetz Paragon M+.

Of course exchange rates cycle, so this rate may not be available for long. Contact your local GSG representative as soon as possible to acquire this top mattress technology at the greatest value rate we've seen in a long time!

* The figures and referenced exchange rate values are based on values at the time of the writing of this article, October 28, 2013. Exchange rates and valuations may vary and differ at the time you are reading this.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Global Industrial Robotics are here to stay

"...Currently, companies across industries are becoming aware of different automation solutions that would help them enhance their productivity..."     excerpt from Global Industrial Robotics Market in the Heavy Machinery Industry 2012-2016    (Click link to read full article and download a copy of the Industrial Robotics Report)

Once a scary, science-fiction concept, robots are becoming increasingly prevalent - and relevant - in today's manufacturing settings. Robots and similar automation technologies are ideal for repetitive-motion processes that risk creating costly waste by irregular human activity.

At Interzum 2013, Global Systems Group demonstrated a spray-glue robot, Glubot, that performed the task of applying adhesive to common mattress foam in a regulated, ultra-efficient pattern. The patent-pending technology combines the unique GSG spray heads similar to the GB-1 Glue Bridge with programmed robotics for a better controlled adhesive process.

(Click player to watch Glubot video)

See more highly-efficient mattress equipment at our GSG website and see more specialized foam-related mattress machinery as well.

You're sure to see more industrial robots in the news in the near future, but maybe you can be the focus of that news by installing one in your factory first!

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Eiji Toyoda, Who Steered Toyota's Rise, Dies at 100 | Global Economycontent from IndustryWeek

Eiji Toyoda, Who Steered Toyota's Rise, Dies at 100 | Global Economy content from IndustryWeek

...He joined the company in 1936 and became Toyota's president in 1967 when he spearheaded a push for mass production of cars, notably its Corolla brand, using a just-in-time production system that aimed to cut waste and improve efficiency... - excerpt from IndustryWeek online article.

This manufacturing visionary saw the value of cutting out the waste. He set high standards for improving processes and always sought to improve profits through improved manufacturing methods.

Have you reached your efficiency goals in your factory yet? If you have, it's time to set new goals.

Contact your local GSG rep to see how we can help.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The new Gribetz GRS-1 foam encasement machine debuts at Interzum 2013

The Gribetz GB-1 Glue Bridge previously announced at Interzum is a great machine for layered foam mattress beds and foam encased units as well. This new Gribetz GRS-1 foam rail splicer machine can make your foam encased operation even more efficient.

The GRS-1 automatically accepts various lengths and adheres them together with other odd sized scraps to form full length sections. Use everything you pay for!

You can eliminate waste by cutting foam encased rail pieces as you need them instead of stockpiling premium priced pre-cut sizes.

The new Gribetz GRS-1 is one more innovative machine that improves your profitability on many levels of lean!

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Introducing the new Gribetz GB-1 Glue Bridge

Research & Development teams from GSG and SABA have created a unique, new automatic water-based adhesive system. It utilizes new SABA Hybrid 13.0 Series adhesive and  patent-pending application heads that transfers adhesive with virtually no overspray.

The Gribetz GB-1 is a  great automatic system that controls adhesive material and labor costs by applying a consistent amount of material in a regulated fashion. This ensures every unit has equal amounts of adhesive and quality. It's ideal for foam encased beds or laminated foam units.The SABA Hybrid 13.0 Series material creates a near immediate bond for workplace handling.

Friday, May 10, 2013

72 hours till Interzum!

Ok - now it's starting to look like a machinery show booth!

This space will be transformed into the bedding industry's biggest single display of state-of-the-art machinery technology. GSG will demonstrate equipment for nearly every function of your mattress factory.

Best of all, there will be some ground-breaking technology for hot new markets introduced in the Global Systems Group booth. I'll share much more about that 72 hours from now.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Let's get this party started!

It's early in the construction of the GSG booth at Interzum. It's not much to look at, but some readers may be interested in comparing this early view with the final view of the booth they will see once they visit the stand (Hall 9, C020).

Of course we all need to start somewhere, and if you are looking for more profitable mattress manufacturing, start with a trip to the GSG booth at Interzum 2013.

One thing this picture definitely lacks is machinery! This GSG booth is going to be packed with new equipment so you can review everything you need for mattress production here at the GSG booth at Interzum.

Monday, April 29, 2013

100 years of zippers - thanks to Gideon Sundback

Today is the day! The 100th anniversary of the invention of the modern zipper - or the "Hookless Fastener" as it was called back in 1913.

"...'Hookless Fastener' doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but it stuck for a while and the name “zipper” wasn’t coined until a decade after Sundback’s patent was issued. The B.F. Goodrich Company adopted the Hookless Fastener for a line of galoshes in 1923, and an employee trying them out apparently said something along the lines of “Zip ‘er up!” when he heard the distinctive sound of the sliding fastener..."

Read full article here:

Zippers have come a long way since those early days of popularity on galoshes and so has zipper use in the bedding industry.Global Systems Group has been developing machines to add zippers to mattress units, just as fervently as Gideon Sunback had worked to improve his original design.

At Interzum we'll display the following zipper machines in Hall 9, Stand C-020:
Naehtec NC2009
Naehtec NC1200
Porter BMS-1500
Porter PZM 2500

... and a few other important related machines that can help round out your entire zipper bed cover work cell.

See all of the GSG zipper equipment at our website.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mars settlers wanted...

Mars settlers wanted. Send audition tape. No, seriously.
... Previous training in space travel is not required, nor is a science degree of any sort, but applicants do need to be at least 18 years of age and willing to leave Earth forever.

As of now, a flight back to Earth is not part of the Mars One business model... 

-- excerpt from 16-04-2013 LA Times story  ( Yes - a real story about real space travel. Click on this link if you're interested in auditioning...,0,2661649.story )

Hopefully you don't have to go to outer space to expand your market - there are still opportunities here on planet Earth. The point is, though, technology is taking us new directions. You can choose to survive for as long as possible with old business models or choose to pioneer new markets with rapidly changing technology.

Global Systems Group is the bedding industry pioneer, with an expanding universe of manufacturing technology for you. GSG will be demonstrating over a dozen new systems we've never shown at Interzum. Visit our booth in Hall 9 C-020, and see new equipment that can transport your mattress business to a new place.

GSG is always developing new systems for new markets and this Galkin FR Sock Line system is one of the newest. Foam beds with zipper construction is one of the fastest growing bedding niches you can be in. The GMS-1050 Sock Stuffer and GBC-1000C Sock Closer have unique features that can give you a very competitive edge with efficient conveyor movements, compression seals and excellent synchronized sewing movements. 

It will be at Interzum, will you?

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What is Modular Manufacturing?

Technology is transforming today's manufacturing systems and mattress manufacturing is no exception. You have the potential to gain greater profitability and have better cost control than former manufacturing methods could ever dream of. Global Systems Group has incorporated many of these successful concepts into new equipment we'll be sharing at Interzum 2013.

Click on the presentation below for a simple introduction to the flexible and responsive methods of Modular Manufacturing...

(Click here if you can't view the embedded Prezi demo above.)

Here are the keys factors of Modular Manufacturing:

See many more examples of GSG mattress machines that can help your mattress production at Interzum, May 13-16, 2013.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

EZ Plant technology is a real hit!

Is this really the best use of technology? Boxthebag boxing app...

"... Box the Bag puts you in a gym with either a speed bag or a heavy bag for some light training. I say light because it doesn’t get any lighter than punching air. The general purpose seems to be to refine your timing and accuracy..."

Story excerpt and Photo Credit:

We admire the unique use of available technology, but question the resulting value of it in your daily activities.

EZ Plant
Here's a real valuable excercise in app technology: EZ Plant, from Global Systems Group. It may not get your biceps in shape, but it can improve the health of your business.

This system monitors your factory's machine activity to help you maintain proper production levels. You can access equipped machines from anywhere in the world via the internet or your mobile device. Depending on your settings you can monitor run-time, piece counts, and other info that can help you know how your equipment is running 24 hours a day.

Improving your business doesn't have to be a workout. See how EZ Plant can help you every day at Interzum 2013.

Patent pending technology.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Worker Productivity in U.S. Declines, Pushing Up Labor Costs ...

Worker Productivity in U.S. Declines, Pushing Up Labor Costs
The productivity of U.S. workers fell more than projected in the fourth quarter as the economy shrank, pushing labor expenses up and showing companies are approaching the limit of how much efficiency they can wring from employees. - excerpt from Bloomberg article

Don't be this headline.

Worker productivity, in it's purest form, is a balance between employee count and finished product volume. GSG will be demonstrating multi-tasking equipment at Interzum that helps you get more production from your staff.

New machines like this simple automated border measuring device, the PBM-50, can replace manual peg board measuring stations and measure border at a rate up to 30cm/second!

New GSG technology is enabling greater productivity in nearly every area of mattress manufacturing. See it all at the GSG booth, Stand C020, in Hall 9, at Interzum.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Confidence is growing strong in 2013

2013 could be the year the EuroZone economy turns the corner...

Strong business sentiment and a few other key indicators have the European Central Bank feeling optimistic, according to this recent news article:

"...The European Central Bank predicts that the euro-area economy will exit its recession later this year...." - excerpt from Bloomberg article
German Investor Confidence Increases to 2 1/2-Year High( )

Global Systems Group will be in Germany later this year, displaying our equipment designed to grow your company's own economy! There has definitely been a shift in markets around the world in recent years and our new machinery technology is engineered to help mattress manufacturers become more productive and more flexible to these sudden changes.

Visit our stand in Hall 9 at Interzum, May 13-16. GSG predicts it will improve your business sentiment when you see our new technologies that can help you be more profitable than ever before.

GSG booth at Interzum 2011.
(Look for more exciting new equipment we have for 2013!)