Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The value of the BMS-1500 can actually GROW over time

In a previous post you learned of the new BMS-1500 machine system from Porter International. One versatile sewing machine can accept a variety of fixtures to perform four different sewing operations on your borders. Here's a look at this same system applying a zipper to a mattress border...

The PZM-1500 zipper system (part of the BMS-1500 machine series) can sew zippers into your  mattress border. You can create many new opportunities for your mattress manufacturing business if you start with a PZM-1500 and then simply acquire additional fixtures as needed to perform other operations, such as adding decorative secondary materials to the border or combining different tickings for stylish borders.

As your business evolves, this machine can adapt to changing needs. This is one piece of machinery whose value can grow over time, rather than depreciate!

Contact your local GSG rep to find out more about this BMS-1500 system and all the benefits it can provide you.

The BMS-1500: it's versatile, it's affordable, it's reliable... it's just what you need to get ahead of the game!

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