Friday, May 13, 2011

Sun-powered plane launches... so does new lean quilt machine!

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Did you hear about this giant innovative solar powered plane flight today?

It's big... it's slow... not exactly what you would consider an advancement in the aviation industry. But you must admire the ambitious courage the inventors have to depart from the ordinary and venture out to explore new horizons.

Did you see that?
You can only see the V at Interzum!

Boldly seeking new horizons...
That's GSG's approach to mattress manufacturing technology. At Interzum, Gribetz is introducing a new quilter unlike any other of it's kind.

Unlike the solar plane in today's news, this quilter, the V16TM, is lean and fast. Very fast. If your looking for new ways of more profitable mattress production, you must see the "V." You can only see it at Interzum, GSG booth Hall 9.1, Stand C-020.

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