Monday, February 14, 2011

How productive will your mattress factory be between now and Interzum?

If you are following along with our countdown clock in the right hand column of this blog page, you'll see that as of today there are only 99 days till the start of Interzum 2011.

Here is a simple exercise to make your trip to Interzum more productive for you. We encourage you to visit Interzum to see all the newest innovation GSG has available, but this will give your trip a more specific sense of purpose.
  1. As a mattress producer, you probably have a pretty good idea of how many beds your factory makes each day. Write that number down right now.  
  2. Based on your daily production estimate, calculate how many beds you expect to produce between now and Interzum. (This countdown clock includes weekends, but if your factory is only working Monday through Friday that's really only 72 working days between now and Interzum.) 
  3. About a week before you leave for Interzum, check your figures and see if your factory has produced the number you expected by that time.
If it hasn't, see if you can determine what slowed down your desired production rate. If you can isolate a specific machinery-related area that needs improvement, meet with your GSG rep at booth C-020 in Hall 9.1 to discuss the machinery options we have to help you.

If you think you don't need to wait for Interzum to get help,
visit our GSG locations page to get in contact with your local representative now.

This little exercise may seem too trivial for some. Most have a general idea about their capacity, but this will give you a finite time frame to study and reveal current manufacturing issues to investigate at Interzum.

When you are making the effort to travel all the way to Cologne and see machines you may not see in person anywhere else, why not arm yourself with the most relevant knowledge about your factory to make the most out of your trade fair experience?

See you in 99 days!

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