Thursday, January 20, 2011

Endurance and innovation meet in Cologne

The Kölner Dom Cathedral, an icon of Cologne, Germany, is an amazing entity in itself. It has endured centuries of various occupying cultures and weathered many storms and battles.

Another perspective that makes it such an admired part of the city is it's unique juxtaposition of style in the heart of a changing city. Neighboring buildings have grown up around it composed of modern glass and metal beams, while it's own ornate carved stone construction remains a testament of time-honored design.

B45 Border Quilter is an example
of recent Gribetz innovation.
GSG company, Gribetz International, is a bit like that as well. In 2010, Gribetz celebrated 70 years of mattress industry innovation. Seventy years is a remarkable record in this industry. Just like the cathedral, Gribetz quilt machines are made to last and built on a strong foundation of innovative technology.

We'll celebrate the rich history of Gribetz in a section of our booth dedicated to this innovative industry icon. Please join us.
(Take a tour of Gribetz history highlights in our Press section on our website.)

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