Monday, January 31, 2011

We're easy to find, hard to miss

Global Systems Group will be in Hall 9 again at Interzum. It's the orange building shown in the diagram below, courtesy of Interzum.

GSG Booth C-020, Hall 9

If you have been there since they opened this new building in 2007, you'll be familiar with our location, C-020. It is the same space we have occupied since that time.

We've actually expanded the 2009 space to make sure you don't miss anything good. We want to make equipment selections easy for you. So we are bringing a broad selection of our products - that way you can see a little bit of everything your mattress factory would need in one place.

GSG will be hard to miss in Hall 9, but we'll keep an eye out for you anyway. If you want to find out if your GSG rep from your local area will be at Interzum, visit our locations page to send him a message:

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do you want to see something different at Interzum?

Here is a view of the Kölner Dom cathedral you don't see often...
Looking up in Cologne
This photo is shot straight up from inside the top of one of the cathedral towers when I was at Interzum 2009.

NC 1200 Zipper Machine
Here's something else you may have seen from a new angle had you been at the GSG booth that year. The Naehtec NC 1200 Zipper Machine has a unique innovative pedestal design the puts the sewing head and operator right in the center of the zipper sewing operation. It's fast, it's ergonomic and it is was only found in the GSG space. 

Naehtec is a very innovative GSG company and they will be bringing more new equipment to Interzum 2011 in May.

When you visit the GSG booth at Interzum this year, you're sure to see things differently when you're done. Mattress manufacturing has changed dramatically in recent years. GSG has responded to your changing needs with a new perspective on mattress machinery. The GSG booth will be filled with new equipment - and you're going to see something like no other machine in the industry!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Endurance and innovation meet in Cologne

The Kölner Dom Cathedral, an icon of Cologne, Germany, is an amazing entity in itself. It has endured centuries of various occupying cultures and weathered many storms and battles.

Another perspective that makes it such an admired part of the city is it's unique juxtaposition of style in the heart of a changing city. Neighboring buildings have grown up around it composed of modern glass and metal beams, while it's own ornate carved stone construction remains a testament of time-honored design.

B45 Border Quilter is an example
of recent Gribetz innovation.
GSG company, Gribetz International, is a bit like that as well. In 2010, Gribetz celebrated 70 years of mattress industry innovation. Seventy years is a remarkable record in this industry. Just like the cathedral, Gribetz quilt machines are made to last and built on a strong foundation of innovative technology.

We'll celebrate the rich history of Gribetz in a section of our booth dedicated to this innovative industry icon. Please join us.
(Take a tour of Gribetz history highlights in our Press section on our website.)

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

See the latest innovation at Interzum

In 2009, Global Systems Group debuted the Gribetz ProSlit at Interzum. The ProSlit is the world's first programmable border slitter. It safely moves blades into position in a fraction of the time required of manually adjusted machines. Take a look at this snippet of video to see it in action...

See more info about the ProSlit on our home website,, or see it live at Interzum 2011. It was such a hit last time - we have to bring it back!

There will be more new, exclusive machines introduced at Interzum 2011, so be sure to be there in May to get the first look at the latest, most innovative equipment in the mattress industry.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

See it all at Interzum 2011

It's nearly show time, and GSG has so much for you to see at Interzum Cologne! GSG will be displaying and demonstrating many new machines to help your mattress operation run better than ever. If you had the opportunity to follow this blog during the ISPA EXPO 2010 trade show, you'll know we'll keep you abreast of news and updates before and during the show. We hope to see you in person in Germany, but if you can't make it - keep yourself informed through this website.

The Art of Ingenuity - Ideas Brought to Life
Interzum is all about bringing ideas to life - so much so, we've made that the theme of our show. You bring your ideas, we'll bring our ingenuity and see what we can accomplish.
Your bed is your masterpiece, GSG equipment is your palette.
If you have an idea that can't wait till May, visit our GSG website to find a GSG rep in your area to visit with.

We'll share some exclusive machinery details only found at in upcoming posts, so follow up regularly. Hey - we'll make it easy -sign up to receive these post through email or RSS feeds by signing up at the bottom of the right hand column on this page.

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