Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Build your bed a better border

Here are two show beds GSG displayed during Interzum 2011. High styled bed borders are one of the hottest mattress market trends right now and GSG has all the equipment you need to make your product pop on retail show rooms.

If you were at Interzum, you probably saw how these great looking beds could be constructed with equipment from Porter, Galkin, Naehtec, Gribetz and other GSG companies. If not, contact your local GSG representative find out how it's done.

Here is a machinery list to discuss with your rep - all these machines could be just what you need to make your beds stop traffic, like these show beds do at Interzum.

Gribet B45
Border Quilter

Porter PVH-3500
Verticle Handle Machine

Porter FPT-1000
Faux Pillowtop Machine 

Gateway Systems
VBM Border Stitch Machine

If you just don't know where to start, try this Porter sewing systems guide for pillowtops...

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hold on to these Naehtec handle options

GSG company, Nähtec, has developed a new handle machine introduced at Interzum 2011. The NC 2030 programmable handle machine can create some of the most unique handle sewing designs in the mattress industry.

This automated system is one of the easiest, most efficient handle systems in the market. It deskills operations and gives you a unique styling advantage with creative sewing patterns.

New Twist Release device makes
sewing area conveniently accessible.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The fastest wrapper on the planet

ME105 - world's fastest wrapper
Few can claim to be the fastest in the world, but your looking at one of these exceptions. The Merello ME105 displayed by GSG at Interzum can wrap up to 5 units per minute.

I'll say it again - 5 units per minute.

Best of all; you get speed AND Merello's proven quality. This has technology like the ME104 which has proven to be one of the world's best mattress packaging machines. They both create a clean, tight seal for excellent product presentation and they wrap at high speed rates.

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The history behind the Gribetz V16

Gribetz International celebrated 70 years of business in 2010. It has grown from a humble quilting operation in New York to become the mattress industry's premier quilt machine manufacturer. The growth has all been a result of responding to the needs of manufacturers like you.

At Interzum, we've created a section of the V16 experience dedicated to Gribetz history. All of this history advancing the technology of mattress quilting has led to the development of the V16, introduced this week at Interzum.

Thanks for being a crucial part of this.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Interzum - go big!

Needles lead the way to a new direction in quilters.
Here is a peek inside the V16 quilt machine display. These 3 meter high needles welcome visitors into a hall designed to describe key differences between average 3-needle bar quilters and the newest quilting innovation - the V16. This is only a small (well actually they are kind of big) section of the 300 sq. meter V16 Experience.

The "V16" hall has been quite a big buzz throughout the machinery hall, but this new Gribetz quilter is the real show.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

First V16 Sale!

As previously mentioned, I planned to share some new machine photos and here is our favorite!

GSG President, Tony Garrett with V16 customers,
Mr. and Mrs. Galsky.
Our customer from Venezuela, Confort Colchones, bought the first V16 quilter at the Interzum show. Mr. and Mrs. Galsky were one of the first visitors to tour the GSG booth and the unique V16 experience hall (more about that tomorrow).

Thank you Confort Colchones for your trust and confidence in our company and service for you.

I hope to share similar machine photos soon...

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Interzum Report: Day 1

Wow - what a great day in Cologne!

We have finally opened the show. GSG has enjoyed so many fantastic visits with customers all over the world. Many visitors have been impressed with the new Gribetz V16 quilter. The best part is to see the reaction from customers and collegues from all over the globe.

The V16 has been a very important part of the successful first day, but 10 other new machines are also getting a great deal of favorable attention. The first day is always such an adventure it is hard to have time to capture all the events - I'll share some pictures and more details later today.

Welcome to Interzum 2011!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Furniture news flashback: 1972. Furniture news fast-forward: 2011.

Here is an interesting furniture news story from south Florida in 1972...

Click Here to read entire Boca Raton News story online.

Dan Gribetz, circa 1970.
Look for this photo
and many more in
the GSG booth.
It was an exciting place back then, and Dan Gribetz had just relocated his company to the area. Though Mr. Gribetz was a great visionary in mattress quilting, he probably couldn't even have anticipated the growth and changes ahead for the bedding industry. Ironically, his company would be right in the middle of it.

The visionary leadership of Gribetz is making news again. We'll be demonstrating the newest innovation of quilting, the V16, at Interzum. GSG will dedicate a portion of our booth to some historic achievements of Gribetz, but you'll be thrilled to be a part of history when you witness the V16 for the first time.

Be a part of industry history in the GSG booth at Interzum this year!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Sun-powered plane launches... so does new lean quilt machine!

Sun-powered plane takes off euronews, world news

Image from euronews.net
Click here to see video and read entire news story at www.euronews.net

Did you hear about this giant innovative solar powered plane flight today?

It's big... it's slow... not exactly what you would consider an advancement in the aviation industry. But you must admire the ambitious courage the inventors have to depart from the ordinary and venture out to explore new horizons.

Did you see that?
You can only see the V at Interzum!

Boldly seeking new horizons...
That's GSG's approach to mattress manufacturing technology. At Interzum, Gribetz is introducing a new quilter unlike any other of it's kind.

Unlike the solar plane in today's news, this quilter, the V16TM, is lean and fast. Very fast. If your looking for new ways of more profitable mattress production, you must see the "V." You can only see it at Interzum, GSG booth Hall 9.1, Stand C-020.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

U.S. Worker Productivity Shows Continued Growth In Q1

U.S. Worker Productivity Shows Continued Growth In Q1

Unit labor costs in manufacturing declined 3.5 percent in the first quarter of 2011, reflecting an increase in efficiency among U.S. manufacturers.- RTT News article
How are your manufacturing labor costs these days? Increasing, decreasing or remaining the same?

GSG will be bringing about 40 machines to Interzum - all are designed to reduce your labor costs. GSG equipment can improve labor productivity by either utilizing more automation or increasing piece rate capabilities.

Galkin EFS-1000 with X-5 flanger
The Galkin EFS-100 semi-automatic flange/serging station combines an automated turning arm, photo-sensors and automated indexing advancer to improve product quality without diminishing the operator's productivity. You're sure to get top quality finished panels with a strong X5 flange head without slowing the operator's pace as he would do to match this quality using manual methods. This automated method may also yield additional productivity gains by reducing inspection rejects and ergonomic benefits may enable operator to maintain pace longer with premium heavier quilt panels.

Click video to see short EFS-100 demo...

This is the first time GSG has brought this Galkin machine to Interzum so be sure to look for it in the GSG booth. It's only one of nearly a dozen mattress machines never shown at Interzum before.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tape edge is so easy - well, we think it could be...

Everyone in mattress manufacturing knows tape edge work may be the toughest - and most critical job in the plant. A bed is just bits and pieces till it gets into the hands of the tape edge operator.

That's why Gateway Systems has created the world's best semi-automatic tape edge machine - the Mattress Master Elite. It is suitable for a full range of mattress sizes, and it has been designed for the most ergonomic tape edge process available. A less fatigued operator can be more productive and maintain a better finished quality for your beds.

This machine has been designed around the operator. The unique radial turning arm and Pfaff sew head pedestal has been arranged to provide a more comfortable seated position while operating the machine.

Stop in GSG booth (Hall 9.1 Stand C-020) and have a seat at the Mattress Master Elite to see the benefits for yourself. While you're there, see all the other sew room equipment and conveyor systems Gateway has for mattress production.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Progress doesn't wait for anyone.

I recently encountered this scene at a Chinese construction site. Upon close inspection, you can see that dirt has been filled in around this truck to the top of its fenders!

Some things can't wait...

It's a funny sight, but it also serves as a good analogy of machine technology. If your machinery is operating with dated technology that can't keep up with the fast-changing landscape of mattress manufacturing, you may get swallowed up.

GSG is bringing new technology to Interzum 2011 in nearly all machinery types.
  • New quilting technology for more production options than ever before
  • New pillowtop technology for new methods
  • New border fabrication equipment for better style
  • New zipper systems
  • More new packaging options than ever before

Our newest innovation is a "Must See" for everyone in the mattress industry. See it in a special-purpose display room only at the GSG space at Interzum.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Materials costs could push mattress prices higher

 Materials costs could push mattress prices higher:

"AT THE MARKET - Mattress producers showing here say they have raised prices..." (Click here to read entire article at furnituretoday.com)

That's the latest news in a FurnitureToday article from High Point Market, in North Carolina.  Higher material costs must be paid for by someone: you - the manufacturer or your customer. Neither option is ever very desirable, but it's a fact of business.

As raw material costs increase, so does the case for lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing strives to eliminate waste from the manufacturing process. Many of the machines recently developed at Global Systems Group are ideal for achieving such lean manufacturing initiatives. There will be nearly a dozen machines never before shown in the GSg Interzum booth.

The latest of these lean machines is a "Must See" for anyone in the mattress industry: and it will only be unveiled in the GSG booth on May 25, 2011.

Click image to enlarge

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oil prices resume upward march

Oil prices resume upward march
- article at CNNMoney (March 22, 2011)

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- After a slow start to the trading session, oil prices moved higher Tuesday as investors continued to focus attention on the conflict in Libya... Prices trended up, despite a report claiming oil supplies in the region have not been disrupted outside of Libya so far.  - excerpt from CNNMoney article (March 22, 2011)

Just how high must fuel costs increase to get manufacturers to re-evaluate shipping costs?

Improve your shipping efficiency by loading more units per truck or container. This can be done by using a mattress wrapping machine that maximizes compression to reduce overall volume of packaged goods.

Teknomac TK306 Roll Pack Machine

GSG partner, Teknomac, will display how this is done at Interzum with their TK306 Roll Pack Machine. The TK306 has a unique method that adjusts for optimal final roll-packed diameter after an initial compression stage. This ensures your final packaged product is as small as possible on the TK306.

You may have no control over the rising costs of fuel, but you do have some control over your logistics costs. Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your packaging and shipping efficiencies with the Teknomac TK306 Roll Pack Machine.

See the TK306 at the GSG booth at Interzum (Hall 9.1, Stand C-020) or visit the GSG web page: TK306.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The first .com domain name in the world is registered today in 1985

Daily TWiP - The first .com domain name in the world is registered today in 1985 - NashuaTelegraph.com (<< click headline to read more...)

Most still consider the internet as new technology still in it's infancy. But actually it's been over a quarter century since the first "dot com" name was registered. Technological advancements can be funny that way - sometimes we don't appreciate how long we've been using some "new" technology.
In 1985, Gribetz International introduced their first 3 needle-bar multi-needle chainstitch quilt machine - the DG900. This style of quilter quickly became the standard of the bedding industry. Several DG900's still remain in use today.

Symbolic.com, the first registered .com name, has faded into obscurity for most, but Gribetz International remains an icon of leading-edge technology in the bedding industry. See current Gribetz quilt machines here, and visit the GSG booth at Interzum to see the most diverse line of quilters ever displayed at one time.

We'll also pay tribute to the long, innovative history of Gribetz International in a special display in our booth, Hall 9.1, Stand C-020.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Unveiling new 'super-machines'

Lamborghini Unveils New Aventador Supercar Product Design and Development ( << Click to read full story)

Lamborghini recently debuted it's latest high-speed sportscar at a European car show. It does a a top speed of 217 miles per hour, but only averages 13 miles per gallon of gas.

GSG will unveil our latest high-speed "super-machine" at Interzum Cologne 2011. Like the Lamborghini Aventador, it's designed for high-speed performance, but the difference is: it's designed to be much more efficient - like the lean manufacturing operations it may be placed in.

Admittedly, this new GSG machine is not as glamorous as a high-end Italian sportscar, but it won't cost as much either. It doesn't have vertical Lambo doors, but there's alot more you'll be impressed with when you see it run.

Meet us at 9:00 am on May 25th, in Hall 9.1 Stand C-020, for the unveiling of the newest, fastest innovation from GSG.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

If there's a niche, scratch it!

Headline 02-22-2011:  Euro zone private sector booms, so do prices - chicagotribune.com

The closely-watched Ifo survey of German business morale rose to a record high in February, also signaling a strong rebound in Europe's dominant economy has momentum... - excerpt from chicagotribune.com article
Even within a world economy still recovering from the recent recession there are pockets of great growth.

The mattress industry is a lot like that too. There are niche markets that supersede general market conditions at a faster pace than others.

Have you found your niche that will jumpstart your mattress business?

Whether it's simply more efficient lean manufacturing processes or creating new product lines based on unique, creative bed features, GSG will have equipment at Interzum that may help jumpstart your business.

The Gribetz Axiom is an example of both efficient and creative. This multi-head quilt machine sews at 1600 RPM with the efficiency of a multi-needle quilter and the styling creativity of a scrolling single-needle machine.

Visit the GSG booth to see how easy it is
to create these exciting new borders.
(Click on image for larger view)
Perhaps you are seeking unique border styling equipment... take a look at these quilted border designs and a lot more at the GSG booth.

Find your niche at Interzum Hall 9.1 Stand C-020 in the GSG booth.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

How productive will your mattress factory be between now and Interzum?

If you are following along with our countdown clock in the right hand column of this blog page, you'll see that as of today there are only 99 days till the start of Interzum 2011.

Here is a simple exercise to make your trip to Interzum more productive for you. We encourage you to visit Interzum to see all the newest innovation GSG has available, but this will give your trip a more specific sense of purpose.
  1. As a mattress producer, you probably have a pretty good idea of how many beds your factory makes each day. Write that number down right now.  
  2. Based on your daily production estimate, calculate how many beds you expect to produce between now and Interzum. (This countdown clock includes weekends, but if your factory is only working Monday through Friday that's really only 72 working days between now and Interzum.) 
  3. About a week before you leave for Interzum, check your figures and see if your factory has produced the number you expected by that time.
If it hasn't, see if you can determine what slowed down your desired production rate. If you can isolate a specific machinery-related area that needs improvement, meet with your GSG rep at booth C-020 in Hall 9.1 to discuss the machinery options we have to help you.

If you think you don't need to wait for Interzum to get help,
visit our GSG locations page to get in contact with your local representative now.

This little exercise may seem too trivial for some. Most have a general idea about their capacity, but this will give you a finite time frame to study and reveal current manufacturing issues to investigate at Interzum.

When you are making the effort to travel all the way to Cologne and see machines you may not see in person anywhere else, why not arm yourself with the most relevant knowledge about your factory to make the most out of your trade fair experience?

See you in 99 days!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

40 GSG machines can answer alot of questions.

I was just adding up all the new mattress machines GSG will be showing at Interzum 2011. We have a space that's bigger than ever and it is full of machines. We'll have about 40 machines there; about a dozen that have never been shown in the GSG space at Interzum!

Where else can you go to see innovative equipment for nearly every part of a mattress factory?

Where else can you see the world's two top flange machines in the same space?

Where else can you see the most diverse line up of mattress quilters from the world's leading quilt machine maker together in the same space?

Gribetz Axiom

Gribetz Paragon M+

Gribetz Reliance M4+

Gribetz B45 border quilter

Where can you find out about these quilt machines right now? The Gribetz quilter web page - that's where!
Where do you find all of this and more at Interzum? GSG booth C-020 in Hall 9.

See you there May 25-28.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pictures can't compare with the real thing - see what we mean in Cologne

Germany in May never looked so good!

This snowy scene is a view on my road today where we just received a near-record 18" of snow. By contrast, the accompanying sunny street scene is a typical May afternoon in Cologne, Germany. Looks good in Cologne, doesn't it?

Here is another pair of contrasting images. In the GSG booth at Interzum we will have both the Porter PFM-4000 Flanger and the Galkin X-5. They are both premier mattress flange systems, but one operates with powerful "walking foot technology" while the other utilizes a strong belt-driven system. They will be side-by-side in our booth so you can better compare their performance.
Porter PFM-4000 FlangerGalkin X5 Flanger

Just like experiencing a record snowfall, pictures don't do these machines justice - you really need to see them in person to fully comprehend their capabilities. See them at Booth C-020 in Hall 9.1 at Interzum 2011.

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Monday, January 31, 2011

We're easy to find, hard to miss

Global Systems Group will be in Hall 9 again at Interzum. It's the orange building shown in the diagram below, courtesy of Interzum.

GSG Booth C-020, Hall 9

If you have been there since they opened this new building in 2007, you'll be familiar with our location, C-020. It is the same space we have occupied since that time.

We've actually expanded the 2009 space to make sure you don't miss anything good. We want to make equipment selections easy for you. So we are bringing a broad selection of our products - that way you can see a little bit of everything your mattress factory would need in one place.

GSG will be hard to miss in Hall 9, but we'll keep an eye out for you anyway. If you want to find out if your GSG rep from your local area will be at Interzum, visit our locations page to send him a message: http://www.gsgcompanies.com/contact/locations.asp

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do you want to see something different at Interzum?

Here is a view of the Kölner Dom cathedral you don't see often...
Looking up in Cologne
This photo is shot straight up from inside the top of one of the cathedral towers when I was at Interzum 2009.

NC 1200 Zipper Machine
Here's something else you may have seen from a new angle had you been at the GSG booth that year. The Naehtec NC 1200 Zipper Machine has a unique innovative pedestal design the puts the sewing head and operator right in the center of the zipper sewing operation. It's fast, it's ergonomic and it is was only found in the GSG space. 

Naehtec is a very innovative GSG company and they will be bringing more new equipment to Interzum 2011 in May.

When you visit the GSG booth at Interzum this year, you're sure to see things differently when you're done. Mattress manufacturing has changed dramatically in recent years. GSG has responded to your changing needs with a new perspective on mattress machinery. The GSG booth will be filled with new equipment - and you're going to see something like no other machine in the industry!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Endurance and innovation meet in Cologne

The Kölner Dom Cathedral, an icon of Cologne, Germany, is an amazing entity in itself. It has endured centuries of various occupying cultures and weathered many storms and battles.

Another perspective that makes it such an admired part of the city is it's unique juxtaposition of style in the heart of a changing city. Neighboring buildings have grown up around it composed of modern glass and metal beams, while it's own ornate carved stone construction remains a testament of time-honored design.

B45 Border Quilter is an example
of recent Gribetz innovation.
GSG company, Gribetz International, is a bit like that as well. In 2010, Gribetz celebrated 70 years of mattress industry innovation. Seventy years is a remarkable record in this industry. Just like the cathedral, Gribetz quilt machines are made to last and built on a strong foundation of innovative technology.

We'll celebrate the rich history of Gribetz in a section of our booth dedicated to this innovative industry icon. Please join us.
(Take a tour of Gribetz history highlights in our Press section on our website.)

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

See the latest innovation at Interzum

In 2009, Global Systems Group debuted the Gribetz ProSlit at Interzum. The ProSlit is the world's first programmable border slitter. It safely moves blades into position in a fraction of the time required of manually adjusted machines. Take a look at this snippet of video to see it in action...

See more info about the ProSlit on our home website, http://www.gsgcompanies.com/, or see it live at Interzum 2011. It was such a hit last time - we have to bring it back!

There will be more new, exclusive machines introduced at Interzum 2011, so be sure to be there in May to get the first look at the latest, most innovative equipment in the mattress industry.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

See it all at Interzum 2011

It's nearly show time, and GSG has so much for you to see at Interzum Cologne! GSG will be displaying and demonstrating many new machines to help your mattress operation run better than ever. If you had the opportunity to follow this blog during the ISPA EXPO 2010 trade show, you'll know we'll keep you abreast of news and updates before and during the show. We hope to see you in person in Germany, but if you can't make it - keep yourself informed through this website.

The Art of Ingenuity - Ideas Brought to Life
Interzum is all about bringing ideas to life - so much so, we've made that the theme of our show. You bring your ideas, we'll bring our ingenuity and see what we can accomplish.
Your bed is your masterpiece, GSG equipment is your palette.
If you have an idea that can't wait till May, visit our GSG website to find a GSG rep in your area to visit with.

We'll share some exclusive machinery details only found at http://www.gsgexpo.com/ in upcoming posts, so follow up regularly. Hey - we'll make it easy -sign up to receive these post through email or RSS feeds by signing up at the bottom of the right hand column on this page.

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