Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gribetz technology is designed to improve your profitability

Built in technology of Gribetz quilters is designed to make mattress manufacturing more profitable for bedding producers. This is done with advanced features designed to increase throughput while reducing waste.

  • Save $1,000's by reducing waste in materials and labor* - Gribetz International's BatchMode/AutoSchedule software can save mattress manufacturers $10,000's each year in material waste reduction alone. The Gribetz Paragon quilters and ProME panel cutters can communicate with each other to determine the ideal place to temporarily halt production and allow for material crop outs based on product selections.

  • Save your spot, save that panel - Encoders on the Paragon quilters track pattern sewing movements so quilt panels can be recovered, rather than scrapped, if the sewing is unexpectedly interrupted.

  • Save time adjusting patterns on the machine - Using Gribetz pattern software, pattern shapes can be altered directly on the machine without creating new drawings or reloading from external pattern software programs.

These are just a few of the small details that provide big benefits for mattress manufacturers who choose Gribetz Paragon quilters. There are a lot more of these benefits and you can learn about them all at ISPA Expo 2010.

See these items demonstrated at GSG booth 2625, and learn more at FREE advanced training seminars we have scheduled for March 4 and March 5.

Sign up for FREE training seminars by emailing or contact your local GSG representative.

* Suggested savings are based on reasonable industry standards, but actual results may vary. Contact a GSG representative to determine estimated results for your specific needs.

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