Sunday, February 28, 2010

They are coming from around the world to the GSG booth at ISPA Expo

Displaying and demonstrating our mattress machinery from our facilities around the world is always quite a logistical feat. GSG has networked the best machinery manufacturers available in most world regions to provide you with the best mattress machinery selection.

Global Systems Group does not simply order machines from other international manufacturers and rebrand them once we receive shipment. We engineer the equipment, build it and service it to ensure the quality control initiatives are in place every step of the way. It takes more effort on our part, but most mattress manufacturers we deal appreciate the trusted quality this establishes.

Do you have a preference? Do you feel there is a noticable difference between machine products built in the USA or overseas?

Please comment below so we know...

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Extreme convention center hall makeover...

GSG is in the process of moving in for the week. It's a frantic, hectic pace to move ALL these machines in such a short time, but by opening day, March 3, it will look like they have been settled into place for weeks.

Once you're here, take your time and enjoy the show - the frantic work will be behind us, and GSG will be eager to share some time with you. There is a lot of new equipment to become aquainted with, but you can be sure that the "not so new" faces in the GSG booth will be glad to walk through it with you.

See you at the show - remember, Booth 2625.

PS - pack a coat, it's been chilly in Charlotte thus far!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Trick out your flanger - we suggest flames!

Porter Internatinal has the fastest, most powerful flanger in the world: the PFM-4000 flange machine.

The awesome flanging capabilities are usually enough to make it stand out in a crowd, but we felt a machine like this deserved a paint job more fitting of it's hot rod performance. It is the muscle car of flange machines and you can see it run LIVE at Booth 2625 at ISPA EXPO!

If you feel the same way about your own Porter PFM-4000, you may want to try it yourself. Here's how to create your own custom paint job...
  1. Strip all critical parts off the machine and start with the core housing parts.
  2. Mask off areas that expose moving parts and internal mechanisms (those are the best parts of the PFM-4000)
  3. Clean off any excess grime and give the parts a clean coat of primer. (It helps to mist on several light coats in every direction for an even layer.)
  4. We gave ours a metallic chrome undercoat, so highlight edges would really shine.
  5. A carefully sprayed layer of bright blue was sprayed in such a way that the final appearance would appear to fade from chrome to bluish-black to total black. Leave a fair amount of chrome layer exposed to make this gradation effect work. (It does not look like much right now, but it will be a much appreciated step in the end.)
  6. Finally a solid black layer was applied, careful not to spray too far into the areas reserved for the black-blue-chrome fade.
  7. That completes the painting on the main housing areas! Now for tricky flames...
  8. First, paint undercoat layers of yellows, reds and oranges. Keep in mind where you intend your flame patterns to end up.
  9. Apply a precut vinyl stencil and then cover the surface with black paint. This protects your flame colored oranges and reds from the black paint.
  10. Once you have adequate layers of black paint, peel off the flame stencils after the black paint dries.
  11. Finally give all parts a protective clear coat and assemble your extreme machine!

OK, that was fun, but there is a more productive way to improve a flanger: couple it with a motorized belt table. Porter has already thought of that - it's called the EST-4000. See it here, and see other great mattress machines at GSG booth 2625 at ISPA EXPO.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Every mattress manufacturer can find value in GSG machinery

If it's variety you like, you'll love the machinery selection in GSG booth 2625 at ISPA Expo.

Global Systems Group companies will be demonstrating the following machine categories:
  • Mattress quilt machines
  • Quilt panel cutters
  • Border slitters
  • 3 styles of flangers
  • Pick and place automation systems
  • Border sergers
  • Mattress panel binders
  • Miter machines
  • Pillowtop machines
  • Ruffling machine
  • Tape edge machines
  • Mattress label machines
  • Flat goods cutters
  • Cinch-Loc pillowtop and foundation systems
  • Mattress handle equipment
  • Staples, hog rings and fastener systems
  • New work cell manufacturing equipment
  • Packaging machines
  • Oh yeah - there will be few innovative surprises we are saving for show time!
We look forward to seeing you at ISPA EXPO, but if you can't wait to see these machines, take a look through our mattress machinery website,

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gribetz technology is designed to improve your profitability

Built in technology of Gribetz quilters is designed to make mattress manufacturing more profitable for bedding producers. This is done with advanced features designed to increase throughput while reducing waste.

  • Save $1,000's by reducing waste in materials and labor* - Gribetz International's BatchMode/AutoSchedule software can save mattress manufacturers $10,000's each year in material waste reduction alone. The Gribetz Paragon quilters and ProME panel cutters can communicate with each other to determine the ideal place to temporarily halt production and allow for material crop outs based on product selections.

  • Save your spot, save that panel - Encoders on the Paragon quilters track pattern sewing movements so quilt panels can be recovered, rather than scrapped, if the sewing is unexpectedly interrupted.

  • Save time adjusting patterns on the machine - Using Gribetz pattern software, pattern shapes can be altered directly on the machine without creating new drawings or reloading from external pattern software programs.

These are just a few of the small details that provide big benefits for mattress manufacturers who choose Gribetz Paragon quilters. There are a lot more of these benefits and you can learn about them all at ISPA Expo 2010.

See these items demonstrated at GSG booth 2625, and learn more at FREE advanced training seminars we have scheduled for March 4 and March 5.

Sign up for FREE training seminars by emailing or contact your local GSG representative.

* Suggested savings are based on reasonable industry standards, but actual results may vary. Contact a GSG representative to determine estimated results for your specific needs.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

GSG expands cell manufacturing systems at ISPA Expo 2010

(ISPA Expo 2008 work cell layout)

In 2008, GSG arranged the ISPA EXPO booth in a cell manufacturing configuration. This was very appealing for mattress manufacturers seeing which machines work together to form each work cell.

Cell manufacturing is gaining popularity in markets beyond bedding because it allows for greater product diversity and better lean practices that eliminate waste.

In response to this growing popularity, GSG has developed over a dozen new machines for work cells in various mattress plant functions.

Visit GSG in booth 2625 at ISPA Expo to see the latest additions to our work cell machinery collections.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

New technology should make your life easier, just like GSG does

GSG is all about making your life easier. Enter your email address and receive all the GSG Expo Updates via email.

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Save yourself the trip to the website... we'll bring it to your email Inbox!

We also bring convenience to your life in the way of new machinery technology, making it easier for you to improve your bedding production. See this new machine technology at the GSG booth 2625 at ISPA Expo.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

GSG brings you versatile mattress machinery at ISPA EXPO

What is more important to you, mattress manufacturer; unique product styling or high volume production?

Some manufacturing companies are only concerned with cranking out their product en masse. As you know, furniture manufacturing is a blend of craftmanship and production volume.

Global Systems Group will be demonstrating several mattress machines that satisfy both sides of your manufacturing brain.
  • Gribetz will have a variety of mattress quilting and cutting equipment.
    • The Paragon M+ is a perfect example of the versatility that marries high style with high volume production.
  • Porter has always been on the forefront of technology to provide you with your primary needs. Once again, several new sewing machines will be demonstrated at ISPA Expo that shows you new methods and better processes.
  • We'll be bringing in specialty equipment from our European partners like Gateway Systems, Merello and Teknomac. This European perspective can provide you with some interesting concepts in your own plant.
Let us know what you prefer. Speed? Styling? Both? GSG has something for everyone. Add a comment below, so we understand your current needs.

(Hey, if your priorities change in the future, just come back again and update with another comment. We're flexible - because you have to be.)

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Las Vegas Market attendance could exceed last year's winter event

Attendance at Las Vegas Market on a pace to exceed last year's winter event: "LAS VEGAS — World Market Center officials said Tuesday that attendanc..."

Strengthening attendance is the good news from Las Vegas (courtesy of FurnitureToday). Retailers are anxious to see how they can improve upon a dismal 2009 and they are eager to find a solution.

Read more about the Las Vegas Market at FurnitureToday, and read more about top value mattress machinery necessary to meet retailer needs at

Be prepared for renewed retailer demand by seeing the most recent advancements in mattress machinery at ISPA EXPO 2010, and GSG Booth 2625 is the place to find it.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Find your favorite flanger

Porter International makes one of the most popular mattress panel flange machines in the world - the PFM-4000.

The high throughput capabilities and durability makes it as productive as any flange machine in the bedding industry. Though the PFM-4000 is a great machine in itself, Porter International has combined the PFM-4000 flanger with other equipment to make it even more productive.

The ATA Flangemaster®, shown in the following video clip below shot at a previous ISPA EXPO, combines the PFM-4000 sew head with an air table and a robotic turning arm. This semi-automatic system can enable any operator to flange panels with ease and it frees them to multi-task on other nearby operations during this process.

Another recent modification to enhance flanging performance is the ErgoSmart 4000 belt table, equipped with a PFM-4000. Motorized belts, syncronized with the sew head, can easily turn the quilt panel after each side is flanged and discharge into an awaiting cart or work station when completed.

Effective flange machines are crucial to a mattress factory. Come to GSG booth 2625, at ISPA EXPO, to see the great values Porter International can offer for your next mattress flanger.

If you have another idea for the Porter PFM-4000 flanger, post a comment below...

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