Thursday, January 21, 2010

Put your mattress border style plans in motion

What's the big deal about a programmable border slitter, you say?

It's 2010. Today's market demands more diversity in your product choices. This requires more flexibility and better efficiency in the way you produce it.

That's where the Gribetz ProSlit™, a programmable border slitter, comes in. Fourteen circular blades can be programmed by desired position through the touchscreen control panel.

The computerized machine will move each blade into precise location in a matter of seconds. This enables a mattress manufacturer to store and change border cut selections quickly and effectively. This minimizes labor and downtime and improves JIT manufacturing capabilities.

Play this video snippet below to see the ProSlit
reposition 4 blades in under 40 seconds!

A visit to most showrooms at recent furniture Market events will prove border styling has become an attractive way to differentiate product lines. The ProSlit's patent pending technology can make your border cell operation more efficient than ever.

The fully guarded Gribetz ProSlit is also the SAFEST border slitter available. Blades are automatically moved and sharpened by the machine itself, so no personnel is at risk during these operations.

You can only see a programmable border slitter in the GSG booth 2625, so come by for a demo at ISPA EXPO 2010.

Read about more innovation that has emerged from recent trade shows; visit our GSG news page.

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