Monday, January 18, 2010

Make your trip to ISPA EXPO pay for itself

Still not sure if it's worth your time to attend ISPA EXPO, in March?
What if GSG could show you a way your trip could pay for itself?

On Thursday and Friday afternoons, during the EXPO, GSG will be hosting FREE seminars to provide advanced courses for BatchMode/AutoSchedule® programs and quilt machine diagnostics training.

The information you can learn during these free sessions could make your factory more productive and eliminate enough waste to pay for the trip to ISPA EXPO*.

Depending on the resulting waste reduction, it can be shown that BatchMode/AutoSchedule® can save some producers $10,000's per year!

Here is a simplified estimator:

Enter Value

Cost of Queen quilt panel:

(Materials & labor)

Crop Outs per shift/machine:

Your annual estimated savings with Gribetz Batch Mode is:


Calculations are determined with these standard figures:
  • Queen panel is made from 61" wide panel.
  • Average materials savings with Batch Mode is 10 inches per crop.
  • 250 working days in a year.

Visit the GSG booth 2625 at ISPA EXPO 2010 to see if we can save you enough money to pay for the trip, or more.

Email us to reserve you a space at these limited seating events.

* Actual savings produced by BatchMode/AutoSchedule and related processes will vary by manufacturer. Estimated savings calculations are based on reasonable industry standards. Actual results may vary. Not all manufacturers can expect to save the maximum money savings indicated.

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