Friday, January 22, 2010

Look for the future of mattress machinery technology at ISPA EXPO 2010

If you ever had a machinery idea that could improve your factory productivity, but didn't know where to begin looking for the tools, ISPA EXPO is the place to start looking.

Never think any idea is too impractical. Global Systems Group has worldwide resources working on ideas that prove to be more than practical; most have become essential to your factory! Those are the ideas that put you in front of the competition, so don't be bashful; sit down and discuss these ideas with us at ISPA EXPO 2010.

Global Systems Group demonstrated a quilt panel handling robot at ISPA EXPO 2008. Skeptics may say, "What a waste of floor space," but we prefer to be in the forefront of machinery technology rather than falling behind.

Isn't that where you want to be too?

Stay current with up-and-coming mattress plant ideas, and stay ahead of your competition by visiting GSG booth 2625 at ISPA EXPO.

If you can't wait to share your brainstorm with us, visit and tell us about it right now.

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