Monday, January 25, 2010

Cinch-Loc™ for high speed pillow top bed production

Many veteran ISPA EXPO attendees may have enjoyed Bill Evans' helpful demonstration on building pillowtop mattresses, as in the video below. He shows you how to create an excellent mitered-corner pillow top bed with some great sewing systems from Porter International.

In 2010, Porter International will be demonstrating the fastest way to assemble a pillowtop with ruffled corners. Now you can have perfectly ruffled corners without precise marking and sewing or time-consuming build-up methods. One snug of the Cinch-Loc cord and you've got perfectly placed ruffled corners.

Cinch-Loc™ pillow top system* is the fastest way to build a pillow top bed - see for yourself at Booth 2625, in Charlotte.

(Of course if you still favor the mitered-corner pillowtops, Bill will be back in the booth at ISPA EXPO 2010, and he'd be glad to tell you how it's done.)

Do you have a preference?
Miter corners or Ruffle corners?

Please comment below;
GSG wants to know what you like.

* Cinch-loc™ pillow top style by Porter International® is patent pending
Cinch-Loc is a trademark of Mātrex®


  1. why doesn't this video ever work. I hope the machine works.

  2. Thank you for alerting my attention to this problem with Google Blogger video files. Apparently this has been such a frequent complaint that Google has started a Help Forum thread devoted to their video glitch while they seek a remedy. ( see

    I have followed their Help instructions and it appears to work in my browser. Hopefully, you can now view it properly as well.

    Thanks for the feedback.