Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Google gives up on modular design, but GSG is making it work for mattress manufacturers

Exclusive - Google shelves plan for phone with interchangeable parts: sources

"...Modular smartphones have generated great enthusiasm in the tech community for their potential to prolong the lifespan of a device and reduce electronic waste. But the devices are difficult to bring to market because their interchangeable parts make them bulky and costly to produce, said analyst Bob O’Donnell of TECHnalysis Research..."
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Modular designs can be a great product for customers, but a great headache for manufacturers. A balance between practical product diversity and affordable costs must be struck in order for such a design to succeed. Equally important, as Google has experienced, the interchangeable components can't be so cumbersome that the user is reluctant to use them.

Porter BMS-1500 Border Modular System

This balance of practical components and affordability is exactly why our modular design has enjoyed great success. The Porter BMS-1500 Border Modular System consists of a single border-sewing machine framework with a variety of optional interchangeable components to produce up to 9 popular mattress border styling elements.

The genius of the BMS-1500 is to keep the interchangeable components consolidated within a few simple modular units. With a minimal parts change-out, mattress producers can produce mattress borders with any of the following features:

decorative ribbons
joined materials
faux pillowtops
welt cord designs
custom looks

Obviously Google has been dealing with modular designs consisting of an array of different challenges, so we don't dare make direct comparisons with their project. But mattress manufacturers also seek product diversity and a need to extend the usefulness of machines. GSG has embraced those customer needs and delivered a working modular design and continues to develop more as we move forward.

If you need affordable flexibility in your mattress border designs, GSG has the machine for you - along with several modular options!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Good news from across the pond for mattress producers

Headline: Post-Brexit bounce in UK factories sparks BoE rate cut doubts

"British manufacturing staged one of its sharpest rebounds on record in August, a post-Brexit surprise that could prompt the Bank of England to rethink the need to cut interest rates again if other surveys confirm the trend.

The recovery far outstripped all economists' forecasts, delivering the strongest signal yet that Britain's economy is performing better than initially feared after the June 23 referendum vote to leave the European Union..."   

(Read full Reuters story:

UK manufacturers have proven that you can't stand still and wait out pessimistic market sentiments. Individual manufacturers overcome negative macroeconomic conditions by taking positive initiatives in their own production plans. But being paralyzed by uncertainty rarely creates the rebound so many individual manufacturers need.

GSG is proud of our UK-based Gateway Systems. Over 50 years of innovation has developed the most advanced line of tape edge machines in the mattress industry, the Mattress Master series. Give your own tape edge operation a rebound in productivity with one of these machines.

Mattress Master Elite
Mattress Master Optima
Another mattress style enjoying a recent rebound is tufting. Mattress customers find the luxurious stylings of lush, hand-crafted tufting very appealing. Gateway Systems offers one of the most efficient options for this process with their GS-660 Jumbo Tufter.
GS-660 Jumbo Tufter

Here's more incentive to act now - due to the Brexit effect, the Sterling Pound value is still near the lowest it's been in the last half decade.So take advantage of that now before more positive UK economic news turns that around!

Click here for more about Gateway Systems

Friday, August 26, 2016

Stellar communication tools from NASA... and Gribetz too!

Hello, STEREO-B! NASA Regains Contact with Long-Lost Sun Probe

  "...NASA has finally re-established contact with a sun-watching probe that was thought to be lost in space after it abruptly went silent in 2014.
A signal from the long-lost spacecraft, called STEREO-B, was detected Sunday evening (Aug. 21) by NASA..."

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Technology can be amazing! Some at NASA had probably given up on the usefulness of this intergalactic research tool, but thanks to some diligent efforts of these scientists, Stereo-B probe may continue to provide extended service.

Has it been a while since you were in touch with our online GSG Parts Website? Like the Stereo-B space probe, we're still here serving customers with great deals and convenient parts ordering.

Login at
and see what you've been missing.

Gribetz International has developed another communication tool to reach our Service Department for expedited service call action. You can enter your own Service Call info online to get the help process started sooner.
Click here to enter your own service call online!

Did you know Gribetz also offers new online access to Service & Maintenance features right on your quilting machine? You can even send live video-feed to the Gribetz staff to troubleshoot issues on the spot!
New HMI operator's tablet with video feed  
More new Maintenance options

Like I said, technology is amazing - and so is the Service staff at GSG. So don't lose contact - keep your equipment operating at peak performance by using these online tools for better responsiveness when you need help.

PS - Don't forget you can always contact GSG here: as well!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New TK 381 machine video explains roll-pack process for online mattress companies

Is this guy to blame for the explosion of online mattress sales? Not entirely.... check out this video below and see why this Teknomac TK-381 roll-pack machine from Global Systems Group helps online mattress companies.

Roll pack machine TK-381 for online mattress shipping
Can it roll foams? Yes.
Can it roll springs? Yes.
Can it roll up to 3 per minute? Yes.

Can you click here find out a whole bunch more? 
Yes. Click now!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Isaac Singer: actor, inventor, creative businessman issued sewing machine patent 165 years ago today

Isaac Singer was awarded a patent for his commercial sewing machine 165 years ago today!

"...He was working in a machine-shop in Boston in 1851 when he was given a sewing machine to repair. Eleven days later he had constructed a better sewing machine, which he patented. He then set up I.M. Singer & Company with two backers named Zieber and Phelps to manufacture the machine. He took it on barnstorming tours, demonstrating it at fairs and in hired halls while giving heart-rending recitations of Thomas Hood’s ‘Song of the Shirt’..."
- See more at:

As you can see, he recognized a need for an improved process, worked on it, and developed a revolution for needle and thread. I must tip my hat to him for being a rather creative marketer as well!

This is the same spirit of innovation that drives Global Systems Group to continue developing even more patented sewing technologies today. We recognize your needs for better mattress manufacturing and we get to work on it for you.

Click here to see some of our latest innovative technologies to aide your sewing room tasks and every other process in your mattress factory too.

Thanks, Mr. Singer. You've been an inspiration to us all!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Tesla: Free of Factory Hell

Musk Declares Tesla Free of Factory Hell With Targets Intact

  • CEO says he’s ‘no longer losing sleep’ over production issues
"...The chief executive officer said on Wednesday that Tesla “just managed to climb out of hell” in June and that now the “production line is humming.” That’s a big change for Musk, who said just three months ago that he was sleeping by the assembly line to fix factory problems..."(excerpt from, read full story here: )

That's how Tesla CEO and manufacturing poster-child, Elon Musk described his factory situation.

How would you describe your own factory? Skeptics may view these comments from Musk as investor-friendly patter, but some mattress manufacturers may find themselves in similar conditions. Musk described his factory issues as they relate to production concerns for 2017 and 2018 targets, but you may have more urgent production problems.

Fortunately, you have a single source that can assist in every area of a mattress factory: Global Systems Group. Whether you need a single machine upgrade or full factory development, GSG has the resources to make your mattress factory production more devine!

Whether you need a flanger fix, or...

... full production automation, GSG can help.

Elon Musk has a announced a plan to succeed with improved production plans in his factory. Contact GSG and let us help you develop a plan for your mattress factory.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Mattress manufacturing R&D is alive and well at GSG

Top 20 Facts About Manufacturing | NAM
(click on the link above to read the full list)

This list of useful info about US manufacturing (provided by National Association of Manufacturers) has many intriguing points, but skip down to Fact #18 in particular...

Fact #18
Three fourths of private-sector Research & Development (R&D) spending is performed by manufacturers! That kind of innovation is what keeps manufacturers ahead in an ever-increasingly competitive import/export market most manufacturers participate in.

Of course, many companies can't afford much of an R & D budget of their own, but you can always benefit from the extensive R & D work of Global Systems Group at any time. Visit to see the new developments we've been working on for the mattress industry.

New mattress machinery products web page from Global Systems Group

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